Ramakatha Rasavahani @ Bellary jail

Sairam, by the blessings of Swami today youth wing of Ballari conducted Spiritual Sadhana “Ramakatha Rasavahini”in Ballari Central Jail. Sri K R Dinesh Ramnagar DP was the speaker and Sri Rajshekar Reddy SYC also Participated.

Ramakatha Rasavahini at Ramanagara District Jail

Sairam Nineth talk on Ramakatha Rasavahini (Relavence of Ramayana in the modern age) was conducted at Ramanagara district Jail on 23rd Feb 18. About 180 jail inmates listened this value based program of 2 hours. Importance of transformation from Tamasic to Sathivik...

Ramakatha rasavahini at Akkuru Srirama temple, Ramanagara District

With blessings of Bhagawan, 4th session of Ramakatha Rasavahini was successfully conducted in Akkuru village Srirama temple on 28th December 2017. Brother Dinesh (District President Ramanagara) rendered essence of Ramayana and its relevance in this modern age. Brother...

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