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Baba, who is  the Veda Purusha,  has  educated us time and again on  the supreme benefits of chanting Vedas. Veda classes are conducted by Vedic scholars, at various centers  to enable many people to attend .Every occasion gets started with Vedic chants which leaves the whole place charged with divine vibrations. Laksharchana is also conducted on a regular basis.  Vishnu Sahasranama and Lalitha Sahasranama  are also chanted on special days.



The Sri Sathya Sai Veda Poshana Program aims at adopting a formal and structured approach to learn, chant and teach Veda in the Sri Sathya Sai Organization Karnataka.
The objectives of the program are as follows:
        1) Increase awareness of Vedam as a spiritual discipline for Lok Kalyana in the organization and in the society at large.
        2) Create a pool of high quality chanters in the organization who have knowledge of the Meaning of the Veda Mantras.
        3) Motivate and facilitate Vedam chanters to become Vedam Gurus who can then serve the Avataric mission of Veda Poshana in the Society.
The objectives of the program will be realized through regular workshops on the different Vedic Hymns. Each workshop focuses on a particular Vedic Hymn and targets to
             – train chanters to become new trainers of the Hymn
             – attract aspirants to the Hymn.
The curriculum of the program and the method of instruction used in the workshops will align completely with the Vedic education system created by Bhagwan in HIS educational institutions.

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