His Life Is His Message


The Avatar has come down on earth with a purpose:  to be a role model. The life of an Avatar is exemplary, ideal, and most practical and perfect for everybody to emulate and follow.


 ’My Life is My Message “…This is not going to be merely a quotation. This is an inquiry into the ‘ why and how’. Why do we say His life is His message? How does it benefit us? How does it elevate our lives? How does it improve the quality of our lives?.

Every Avatar has an agenda. No Avatar comes without a purpose. Baba has said, ‘I have three important points’. These  are three   declarations, three affirmations.    


 What are they?

The first  is: this Avatar gives and gives, He never takes, never receives. He just keeps giving and giving. Living in a community, we are interdependent and cannot totally avoid receiving. But it is enough if we are not parasites.. Let us try to give, and let

us share whatever little we have. should cultivate over time.

The second  is, ―”Once I give a promise, I never go back  When I give a promise, I see that it is fulfilled”. The learning lesson for us is to keep up a promise made and not to go back on the given word.


The third  is : ―”Once I start doing something, there is no question of retreat.  It‘s forward, onward! Never backward! I don‘t go back. Once I start, that‘s it”.We are reminded of His saying, “ Follow the Master, Face the devil, Fight till the end and Finish the game”.


Swami transformed every activity of His into a Spiritual activity.

We never saw Him sitting relaxed. We never saw Him wasting His time. We never saw Him gossiping. We never saw Him sitting alone or eating alone. He was always in the company of others. Always! He was always teaching something or the other, always helping somebody, always thinking of various welfare projects. Ever active! Therefore, Baba‘s activity, Baba‘s dynamism, Baba‘s enthusiasm is to make us turn to God, to the spiritual dimension. All His activity is for everybody else, nothing for Himself.


His Style of Life…!

The real style of life consists in spiritualising our lifestyle. Spiritualising is somewhat like adding colour to water. So let us make our life colourful  by making it spiritual, by thinking of others and by helping others. Swami was always ready to help with utmost love and concern. Day and night His style of Life was serving !



Another point is this: He doesn‘t observe any difference between people, like His ‘ own and others’. He will never say, ―These are my people and those people are different from Me. This kind of distinction does not exist for Baba.


Sai Message of Love:


Baba says:

Love expresses itself as service—Love grows through service, Love is born in the womb of service. Such Love is the solvent for the hardest of hearts and can confer peace, joy and wisdom. Love is the best spiritual discipline that can help man into universal love, unshaken equanimity and ever-active virtue. Love as thought is Truth: Love as action is Right Conduct; Love as understanding is Peace; and Love as feeling is Non-violence.


Sai Miracle of Love

Sai is the Miracle of Love incarnated on earth to reform and transform mankind.

The ‘Sai’ Principle implying three-fold transformation is an extension of Love Principle, i.e., Love which has to be experienced at the spiritual, social and individual levels, through the process of change as under:


‘S’ for Spiritual change, the basis for which is Love, which has to be imbibed by all;

‘A’ for Association change or change of attitude to society i.e., to foster loving relationship and to cultivate sympathy and understanding with fellow beings;

‘I’ for Individual change i.e., eschewing bad habits and qualities so that inherent goodness of man becomes

transparent and human personality can blossom.


 Sai Wonders of Love

In the service of the Divine Mission, the Sai Avatar as under has established Sai Wonders of love:

(a) Sai Spiritual Education

The Sathya Sai philosophy of education is derived from Sai ideals of life: Sathya, Dharma, Shanthi, Prema and Ahimsa.

Sai Spiritual Education – Sathya Sai EHV (Education in Human Values) for children, and 3HV (Values of Head, Heart and Hands representing the unity of thought, word and deed) for adults.


At the senior level is Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning given the status of Deemed University by the Government of India. It has evolved a new model of Integral Education, with special emphasis on the development of correct attitudes and values, which shape the students to be leaders in scientific, civic and professional institutions.

The uniqueness of the Sathya Sai Institutions is also that education is free from K.G. to P.G.

This stands as a beacon light for every other educational institution to follow.


 b]Super Speciality Hospitals

The Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences, i.e. , the Super Specialty Hospitals   have been providing the poorer sections of the population the best of medical and surgical facilities in the country, entirely free of cost.

It is a wonder of wonders in the medical world’s architecture. The Hospitals are equipped with the most modern and sophisticated apparatus and manned by highly dedicated surgeons & associated personnel under the direction of medical celebrities.


 C]Drinking Water Project

  1. Sri Sathya Sai drinking Water Project costing  crores  benefits lakhs of  people in backward villages.



Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vahini is an open-ended project to harness technology as the key enabler to replicate on a national scale, the success of the model of Integral Education – combining value based education with academic excellence.

A systematic and progressive intervention is made to empower the teachers with the needed skill sets, content and motivation to bring about gradual and sustainable changes in the school atmosphere and facilitate learning across all domains of interaction – classroom, corridor, campus and community (4C’s).

As per the guidance given by Bhagawan from time to time, the project aims at delivering education that is Insightful, Inspiring, Enjoyable and Participative.


Sri Ratan Tata and Sri N. Chandrashekaran, offering the software to Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba during the launch of the Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vahini Programme, 23rd November 2010


By providing  Value Education, Quality Medical Facilities and  the Basic Life-Line, – Potable Water ,all free of cost, Swami has demonstrated to the world the importance and need to provide basic needs and thus shown  us the direction on Service to Mankind.


Swami’s Message began even as a Child….

Baba was kind and compassionate even at a very tender age. He fed and gave  clothes to the needy. He would plead against the killing of a fowl or chicken. He was against all sports and games that caused pain and cruelty. He thus has set an example for us to show kindness and love to all beings.

Also, by keeping His needs to bare minimum, be it in food or clothing or in other items. Swami has taught us from a very young age, to limit our wants. With this in mind, Swami later on coined,’Ceiling on Desires”.


Bhagawan Baba and His attributes of an Avathar

The word ‘Avathaar’ means one who descends from the level of God-head to the level of a man only to enable man to ascend to the level of God.

Why does Baba perform miracles?

Baba Himself has said thus about miracles: “Miracles are very natural and normal to me”. He performs miracles to inculcate faith in Divinity. These miracles are to prove to the mortals the Super human powers with which He has come down to redeem humanity from the shackles of ignorance.

Meaning of Baba:

BABA means : B = Being, A = Awareness, B = Bliss, A = Aathmaa.

Baba addresses us as Bangaaru:

There is an inner significance attached to Baba, addressing us as “BANGAARUU”. It indicates Baba’s plan to transmute the unpurified gold ore that we are into pure shining gold. Just as raw gold ore is washed in certain chemical solutions, heated, melted, reheated and beaten – finally shining with all its glitter, so too Baba heaps on us several tests in the form of troubles and problems only to chasten us, remove the gross and the dross in us and make us pure – in thought word and deed. All that we have to do is to patiently endure the tests with full faith in God.

His is a very unique Divine personality who, having given so much to the world and to humanity, did not aspire to have anything for Himself. Such was His simplicity, He   did not even wear a watch ,nor a pair of sandals.


Every move of this Divine Persona on Earth is to be rightly tracked, to be imbibed by the millions and billions of lives on earth; every gesture of this Divine Phenomenon is to be rightly noticed to be engraved in the hearts of billions, every word oozing out from those Divine Lips is to be properly marked, for these words carry precious gems of Wisdom; every moment in His life is to be captured in the hearts of men for He lives a life full of His message, walking the talk, moment after moment in the most selfless style.


God is now here, radiating the love of a thousand mothers and thus preparing us to embark on the ultimate journey – the direct flight  to Divinity, the journey within!!!


Bhagawan Baba’s Messages are so special and unique  !

     Love all and serve all !

     Help Ever and Hurt Never! 



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