Sevadal Training Videos in Kannada for Whitefield Hospital Seva

With the divine blessings of our beloved Bhagawan we are pleased to share a set of Sevadal Training Videos in Kannada. They will help in training the Sevadal team performing seva at the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences (SSSIHMS), Whitefield, Bangalore.

The Videos will aid the Sevadal to

  • Easily identify the location of duty
  • Understand the nature of duties in each location
  • Learn how to perform the duties in each location
  • Know how different departments of the hospital look like, how
    they operate and how to work with the hospital staff.

The Videos contain

  • Text Instructions and Audio Voiceover;
  • Graphics and Animation to
    • Show location of each Seva point in Map
    • Explain a Process
    • Clarify a Concept
  • Videos
    • Show appearance of each location
    • Show how duties have to be performed

Methods to View the Videos

Web based links to access videos

List of Sevadal Training Videos

Segment Location Duration (Mins) YouTube – Links
General 1-Introduction to Seva 20
  2-General Instructions 5
Around the Main Building 3-Gate 2 22
  4- Gate 2 and Q Complex Intersection Point 7
  5-Main Door 12
  6-Lab Door 5
  7-Emergency Door 12
  8-Q Complex 2
  9-Reception 15
  10-General Canteen 6
  11-Attendant Block 15
  12-Cloak Room 9
Ground Floor 13-Counter 3– Cardiac Admissions 7.5
  14-Counter 2- Cardiac OPD 23
  15-Counter 4- Neuro OPD & Admissions 9
  16-Multi Specialty OPD  7
  17-Counter 1- Multi Specialty OPD Revisits 7
  18-Counter 5- Multi Specialty OPD 8
  19-Counter 6- Cardiac & Neuro Revisits 4
  20-Emergency 6
  21-Radiology 6
  22-Help Desk 10
  23-Blood bank 6
  24-Phlebotomy lab 4
First Floor 25-CTVS Ward 8
  26-CTVS & Neuro ICU 12
  27-CTVS & Neuro OT 7
  28-CCU & Cath Lab 14
  29-Cardiac Ward 6
  30-Neuro Ward 8.5
Second Floor 31-Multi Specialty Ward 7
  32-Multi Specialty OT & Labour Room 9.5
Basement 33-Dietary 30
  34-Laundry 9.5

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