Medical Camp

Paropakarartham Idam Sariram


Sometime back in the past, a few young men decided to do something and create a difference to their lives and put into action what they had learnt about Service. They took help of some noble doctors and visited places that inhabited the lesser fortunate and the down trodden. They did not hesitate to move into the small thatched huts supported by mud walls, they did not hesitate to travel long distances and find a means to help the lesser fortunate because all they wanted to do was – Seva, and Serve in the name of God!

Little did they realize that they ended up creating a difference to not only their lives but also to the lives of many others! Little did they realize that they would end up inspiring more young men and women to come forward, to take the baton and move ahead! These young students stood for what the ‘’Higher Learning’’ truly means in the name that represents their alma mater – Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning!!

As years passed more and more people began to join the camp in the service of the poor, the number of Doctors attending increased as did the number of students and volunteers. More people thronged to the door step of the camp and more medical disciplines came into functioning. The humble service that began years ago took shape and grew in stature into a Medical camp. The Medical camp required a hosting place and that was provided by the government school based at Kadugodi. We cannot thank enough the authorities of the school who were generous to part with their space. The camp remained in the school for about 19 years until the December of 2012 when the camp shifted its base to the Brindavan Ashram with the support of the elders of the Ashram.

Two fantastic decades of the Medical camp laden with numerous accounts of life changing incidents that will forever stay in the memories of many a participant have passed. While the medical camp is a blessing for many less fortunate people out there it is also a blessing in disguise for many participants – for when God chooses to reward people he shows them the path less travelled and presents them with an opportunity to Serve the mankind in a selfless way.

Bhagawan himself on many occasions talked about this wonderful initiative by HIS students and he was absolutely proud of this service, as he often said to the students

  • ‘’Manchi pani cheyadaniki alochinchakkara ledu. Swamy Ashrivadalu eppudu untayi”. “Do not hesitate or worry for doing good works. Swamy’s blessings are always there”

And to the elders –

  • “Naa pillalu medical camp chestunnaru. velli chudandi”. “My children are conducting medical camps, go and see that”

As of day, the camp not only speaks for service in health care but also speaks for the huge amount of collaboration and coordination the alumni of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning have exhibited in involving entities from outside of the ‘’Sai Circle’’. These entities include an energetic bunch of students from a local college, a group of doctors from a well known hospital and a set of staff and volunteers who believe in the service of humanity amongst others.

In short, the Medical camp is an example of how inclusive we are, how we do our best to fulfil a very important need, that of health care, and mostly importantly how we fortunate we are, as a bunch of people, to be involved in our own small way in putting into action what Bhagawan has always told us – Love All Serve All!



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