Sai Ram,

With Bhagawan’s Grace, West District has initiated a unique programme called the YUVA VIKAS Programme for the benefit of the students at the pre-university level.

The programme is as follows:

As we have Bal vikas for the children we shall start YUVA VIKAS for the youth.

This programme will be conducted throughout the year and Swami willing, in the coming years too.

The following will be salient features of the programme:


  • Though this programme will be initiated and monitored at District level, the activity will be continued by all Samithis of the district.
  • All the colleges who participated in the State level Essay competition and also those not covered will be contacted again and a date fixed for a one full day Personality Development Workshop as per the convenience of the colleges.
  • After the workshop the following services will be offered to the students depending on their aptitude and interest /need.
1.     Special tuitions 2.     Study Skills
3.     Examination Techniques 4.     Spoken /Conversational English
5.     Career Counselling 6.     Disaster Management
7.     Yoga Training 8.     Veda Chanting
9.     Training in Music /Bhajans 10.  Cricket Coaching


  • Most of these activities will be conducted preferably in respective Samithis, so that the Samithis become a center for learning and transformation.
  • Resource persons will be identified mostly from among the samithi members to cater to the needs of this small group of students.
  • Convener will draw the schedule for these sessions depending on the number of students aspiring for the options given above.
  • In essence we from the organisation try to provide what the students need so that they will eventually seek from us what Swami wants us to give them.
  • It is expected over a period of time, that these students will form the base for future Youth activities.
  • This programme continues year after year in the same pattern once the new academic session for the new set of students.

These in nutshell are the likely features of the programme and we are still working more specifics of the programme.

I welcome any suggestions for this activity and also voluntary assistance for the resource persons for various skills mentioned above.

Praying Bhagawan to bestow more energy and resources to carry forward HIS Mission of Love and Service.

Accordingly 2 programmes were conducted at Cadambi College and Sri Sai College for Women in the month of January 2015…Here are few Glimpses…

IMG-20160119-WA0028 - Copy IMG-20160119-WA0031 IMG-20160113-WA0020 - Copy IMG-20160113-WA0017 - Copy IMG_20160113_132902 - Copy IMG_20160113_133445 - Copy IMG_20160119_101031 - Copy

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