With the Grace of Bhagawan, with right earnest the Yuva Vikas Programme was launched for this academic year 2016 with 2 programmes at RPA college. The strength for Pre University in this college is 750 students. Out of which close to 400 students have been covered with Yuva Vikas programme on the Programme conducted on 7th and 8th July 2016.

The District Youth Co-ordinator for Gents Mr. Shyam Sundar initiated the programme with the help of Convener and also sevadal members of Bhasyam circle samithi.

A 2 hour presentation on Personality Development with emphasis on development of Human Values was presented to students and at the conclusion the application form offering training in 10 different areas  were explained to the students.

At the conclusion, a pledge was taken from the students that they shall respect their parents and teachers and practice human values in their lives.

The programme was well received by both the students as well as the management of the college….

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