As directed by All India President and State President , Bangalore Central District adopted two schools for Vidya Jyothi Project, one by Indiranagar Samithi and another by Malleswaram Samithi. The objective of the project is;

  1. Working towards improving the infrastructure of the School which involves repairing the class rooms, fixing doors/windows, construction of toilets and providing drinking water facility,
  2. Decreasing the student dropout rates by increasing their interest towards education and making them realize its importance. This also requires getting the parents involved and motivating them to send their children to school,
  3. Providing counselling to the teachers on the importance of education and how it needs to be imparted to the children.



The Indiranagar Samithi has adopted Dr.Ambedkar Proudha Sala, a Govt.aided school with classes I to X. Most of the parents of the children are daily wage labourers, house maids and other economically backward families. The Primary school was in a very bad shape and for two hundred children (half of them girls) there were three dilapidated toilets . Our youth took the challenge and with their own funding and dedication cleaned up the school premises, employed a civil contractor and brought it to a shape which created an ambiance more attractive to the children. Separate toilets for girls and boys have been constructed.

The Central Dist youth pooled their own resources,worked hard to procure necessary note books, sorted them class wise as per list given by the school  and distributed to all children.

The mahila bal vikas gurus have started the classes and both the teachers of the school and the children have started enjoying these classes and looking forward for our gurus’ visits every Tuesday.

Every Saturday Mahila youth are taking up spoken English  classes for higher class students.

Gents youth are planning a medical camp once every two months starting from 23rd July.

Other programs in pipeline are,repairing the existing computers, loading necessary software and teaching computer skills to eligible students. Also SELCO system which is already set up in the school will be repaired and revamped in due course.

There is a plan to install a Science lab also.


Govt girls primary school is identified and launch is done. Activities will be commencing in due course.

Photographs of Dr.Ambedkar Proudha Sala before we took up the project are shown below. Various stages of progress  in work are uploaded in several parts. Please see postings in Parts in next postings.

IMG_20160509_104550141 IMG_20160509_104559014 IMG_20160509_104952323_HDR IMG_20160509_104955578 (1) IMG_20160509_104955578 IMG_20160509_105118533_HDR IMG_20160509_124716232_HDR

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