Loving Sairam.

With the infinite grace and blessings of our beloved Bhagawan, Sai Gitanjali was most fortunate to host the Veda Tatwa exhibition from 11th Feb 2018 to 14th Feb 2018, as part of the Maha Shivarathri celebrations. It is worth to note that this was the same exhibition that was setup in Prashanthi Nilayam during the International Vedam Conference held in Nov’2017. The exhibition was on the message of the Vedas and their Universality.

We were fortunate to have the exhibition inaugurated by State Vice President Sri Venkatramana Gosavi sir in the august presence of Sri Ramkumar sir (Member, Sri Sathya Sai Trust, Karnataka), Sri Sai Chandrasekar sir (District President, Bangalore South), Dr. H S Aswath sir (Convenor, Sai Gitanjali), Dr. Panduranga Vithal sir (Joint Spiritual Co-ordinator, Sai Gitanjali) and several other elders & well wishers.

The exhibition was open from 9 AM to 7 PM on all the days. Additionally, it was kept open during the 12 hr Akhand Bhajans during Shivarathri. The exhibition was well received and a lot of people benefited from the exhibition. To help the visitors continue their Vedam sadhana, we are sending them a soft copy of the entire exhibition in the form of e-books.

Please find some of the photos here: Photos Link

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