Swacchatha programme was organised at various places of Udupi District Samithis. Gents, Ladies, Youths and Children in the program. Trees saplings were also planed.

Kadandhale and Neelavara Samithi organized Swacchatha program on 7th October.

At Neelavara, Udupi District, youths planted 50 trees. 15 trees have also been planted near our Parkala Bhajana Mandali.

Planting of bilvapathre plant near neelavara mandir. Total 30 bilvapatre, 10 beete, 5 neem, 5 teak were distributed and planted at 40 houses.

Udupi samithi & Bijur samithi conducted Swachhatha program today, the 8th october, 2017 at the samithi surroundings.

Kundapur samithi conducted swachhatha program, along with local yuvaka mandala on 15th October, 2017. Kundapur DYSP inaugurated the program and assured any help from the department for the nation building activities.

Hebri samithi also conducted swachhatha program on 15th October 2017 at Hebri. Along with this health card were issued to the needy.


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