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This Seva activity is being performed in the month of May before SG Anniversary Celebrations and again in the month of November before Swami’s Birthday. The entire SG premises is mapped into 12 locations and 12 separate groups formed for focused activity. For each  group, one group leader was also identified for better coordination.

The present Seva activity was performed on Saturday, 2 November 2019. 63 devotees offered their seva for the activity(21 ladies seva dal & 42 gents seva dal) .

Identified location’s for the activities:

  1. Ground floor(Annexe )
  2. Ground floor Main entrance
  3. Tailoring Section
  4. Terrace
  5. Bhajan Hall
  6. Library Hall
  7. Medical and Vibronics  seva room
  8. Office room
  9. Ladies Bhajan practice room
  10. Swami’s  Residence
  11. Gents Bhajan practice room
  12. Rear side of the building

The required cleaning materials were assessed and placed at each identified location on the previous day itself, to ensure timely start of activity. The Seva Activity commenced at 8.45 am after lighting of Jyoti. A few bhajans were sung and Mangalarathi was performed.

The Convenor spoke about the significance of this Seva and requested more members to take part in this holy Seva of Mandir cleaning.   He specially mentioned about the safety precautions to be taken by every member, specially those working at the heights.  He also read out an email received from Smt Geeta Mohanram and what Swami once told her about this Seva which was mentioned in the following mail…..

“Sai Ram Sri Ashwath and the Sai Gitanjali family!
Happy Deepavali and Swami’s Birthday celebrations. It is wonderful that you have all taken up the cleaning project in SG. Swami once told me we have to clean our house first if you want the Lord to enter, clean the mind next so that good thoughts can enter to put it into action and then purify  the heart if you want HIM to sit in the pure house , mind and heart. I am sure you will feel a great sense of Swami’s Presence. I wish I was there to participate as well.  Wishing you all a wonderful Akhanda Bhajan and Swami’s Birthday!
Warm regards,
Geetha and Mohanram”

The activity concluded at 3.30 pm.

Photos: Click here for Event Photos

Loving Sairam!
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