By the divine blessings of Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, the fourth edition of the Sri Sathya Sai Veda Poshana Workshop was conducted at Sai Darshan, Indiranagar, Bangalore on 11th December 2016.

The central theme of the workshop was Sri Rudram Namakam. The participants included reputed Veda Gurus, certified Veda trainers, aspiring Veda trainers and all other aspirants desirous of learning Veda/Rudram. The participants were taught various aspects that included an awareness on the science behind the Vedas, awareness on the deep and subtle inner significance of the Sri Rudram and finer aspects of teaching Sri Rudram.

The workshop was presided over by the Chief Guests Dr Anil Kumar, Shri Chandrashekar Mathoor and several eminent mentors, leaders and guests including Prof. Dr. M A Lakshmithathachar, Head of Samskriti Foundation, Sri. G R Praveena, Sri. Shivashankar Sai, Sri. Shivakumar, Sri. D V Chandrashekar, Sri. Ganesh and Sri Bhargav.

The workshop had over 170 participants from across Karnataka. The workshop commenced with the Lighting of the Lamp and invocation of the Grace of Bhagawan.

Brother S Ramanan, workshop coordinator welcomed the gathering and dwelled on the purpose and roadmap for Sri Sathya Sai Veda Poshana Program of the Sri Sathya Sai Organizations Karnataka.

The keynote address on The Science behind the Vedas was delivered by Dr.Anil Kumar. Sir talked about the significance of the Vedas, the aspect of multiple meanings of Veda mantras and the fact that Vedas are Apaurushaya, having only a Mantra Drashta and not Mantra karta. He stressed on his personal experiences and the fact that as we keep chanting, the right meaning of the Veda Mantras will reveal itself to us at the right time.

The second talk was by Sri Chandrashekara Mathoor. Sir walked the audience through the various aspects of Sri Rudram, talking about the significance of many important anuvakas. He delivered a treatise on the two different forms of Shiva and Rudra, highlighting the mention of both the forms in Sri Rudram.

After the two exhilarating talks, the participants were split for technical breakout sessions. 4 technical sessions were conducted in parallel tracks as follows:

  • Art of teaching Rudram session for certified trainers,
  • Correctness of chanting for aspiring Veda trainers.
  • Learning of Sri Rudram for the aspiring new comers.
  • Veda research discussion



The sessions were conducted by eminent Vedam Gurus of the Sri Sathya Sai Institutions and the Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organizations Karnataka.


The workshop resumed after lunch with an interesting dumb charade competition based on Vedas chaired by Sri Ganesh and Sri Bhargav. The event covered various aspects on general knowledge of the Vedas and was thoroughly enjoyed by all participants.

The workshop concluded with Vote of Thanks by brother Narayanan followed by Mahamangalarthi to Bhagwan.

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