By the immense Grace and Blessings of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, the Sri Sathya Sai Veda Poshana (SSSVP) initiative of  Karnataka Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations was held on Sunday, 28th February 2016 at Kalyana Mantap, Brindavan Ashram, Kadugodi, Bangalore. The essence of the workshop was to stress the importance of Vedam Chanting, ways of Vedam Chanting along with increasing the penetration of Vedam chanters across the various Zones of Bangalore City of SSSSO.

After Prayers to Goddess Saraswati and Lighting of the lamp, Brother Subbu welcomed all the delegates for the workshop which included Gurus who are proficient in Vedam Chanting, Trainers who can chant Purusha Suktham  and Aspirtants who have a desire and want to learn Vedam. He talked about the objectives of the SSSVP initiative and goals for the workshop.

The guests for the workshop included experts of Vedam Chanting Sri Vedanarayanan, Sri Praveena , Sri Bharghav, Sri Ganesh and Sri Shyam who were chosen ones and handpicked by Bhagawan for Vedam chanting. They have been chanting vedam in Sai Kulwant hall from the time Swami started Vedam in Puttaparthy.

Post the welcome address, Sri Vedanarayanan addressed the delegates and talked about the Need and relevance of Veda Poshana in today’s world. He laid emphasis on relevance of Vedam, why Intonation of Vedam is important and his experiences with Bhagawan for the past 38 years where he was involved in Vedam Chanting in Parthy. It was a very highly motivating talk by Vedanarayanan  who mesmerised the delegates with his experiences and how the middle east, US and Asian foreign countries have progressed in Vedam Chanting.

Sri Praveena laid emphasis on Nuances of Vedam Chanting- 5 different ways of Vedic Chanting, the style and system of Vedic Chanting and the inner significance and greatness of Sanskrit language along with his experiences with Bhagawan. The delegates were completely immensed during the discussion and enjoyed every aspect of Sri Praveena ’s discourse. Sri Praveena is a Veda exponent and is part of the Vedam team in SaiKulwant hall.

Dr N Sivakumar, Associate professor and Associate head, Department of Management and commerce at Brindavan ashram conducted a unique role play and demonstration on Insights and relevance of Purusha Suktham. It was a lively session as Dr Sivakumar sir along with his Brindavan students enacted role plays to explain the same. The session included Four lessons of Purusha Suktham namely Humility, Truthful ness , Unity and Wisdom, Anology of Cosmic Purusha, Power of Ten(Dasangulam), difference between Micro and Macro Cosmos.

This was followed by a Panel discussion followed by Q& A session moderated by Sri Rangarajan, Director SSSIHL, Brindavan campus. It was a very lively session where the delegates were interacting with the panel in understanding importance of Vedic chanting and Purusha Suktham.

Post Lunch, the workshop was split into two: One batch which Included Gurus and Trainers and the Second batch was Aspirants batch. The Gurus and Trainers got an opportunity to sit under the sacred trees of Trayee Brindavan (Krishna Lawns) and learn Purusha Suktham. There was a one-on-one opportunity provided by Gurus to the trainers on rendition of Purusha Suktham and instant feedback was provided to the trainers. It helped the trainers to fine tune their chanting skills while becoming aware of their errors and omissions. It was a mesmerizing sight when the Gurus and Trainers were seated in the Trayee Lawns which reminded of the Gurukul School of teaching.

On the parallel track, all the aspirants were fortunate of listen to Sri Ravikumar, Warden of Sri Satya Sai Hostel, Brindavan Campus. The session was very vibrant as it focussed on importance of Vedam, Purpose of Vedam Chanting, 4 missions of Bhagawan, Importance of Vidhwat Poshana and experiences with Bhagawan. Later Brother Ganesh taught all the Aspirants Purusha Suktham and it was a delightful sight where all were rendering with Eka-Kantham.

With the Divine Grace of Bhagawan, all the delegates were fortunate to render Purusha Sukham inside the Traiyee Mandir and take Swami’s Blessings. It was a blissful sight when the Purusha Suktham was rendered by all the delegates and could feel the omni presence of Bhagawan as the session was going on—How blessed all of us are!! Thank you Swami for giving the opportunity!

Later, Sri Sivakumar did a demo of how a Vedam class should look, commencement of the class, rendition and mistakes committed by students, correction methods and why it is important to prepare and rehearse vedam before the next class.

At the end, Brother Subbu did the Wrap up instructions and Thanked SSSSO for the support and guidance, Mrs Bhutia for providing canteen help, Sevadal volunteers for all the support and the guests who travelled from Parthy and Chennai for this workshop. Mr Saikumar was the MC for the workshop.  The workshop concluded with Maha Mangalarathi and Divine Prasadam.

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