As our vedas say ,

“ ‘Yatho vacho nivarthanthe aprapya manasa saha’”

Words cannot explain or our mind cannot comprehend swami and his mission. Today by his divine sankalpa we are reaching to yet another milestone in his grand avataric mission.

As many times swami has told “fostering the Vedas and fostering his devotees” is major part of his mission.  Swami inspired District president of Ramanagara on oct 11th 2015 at around 5 pm, with a new project to take his perpetual and supreme bliss to every corner of Karnataka by chanting Sai Gayatri mantra and named the project as “Sri Sai Gayatri Koti Mantra Japa Yagna”.

Swami inspired  team to culminate this project with a grand Sai Gayatri Yagna. Both part of this initiative chanting and yagna are never witnessed in history of organization and also rarely seen in this scale. It’s a first of its kind where a disciplined methodology is adopted in chanting of Sai Gayatri maha mantra.

Without getting into details of “why” we or why only this project, just we as team ( Ramanagara district organization)  did “Karishe vachanam tava”  and without a second thought jumped into execution of this project as we all know we all have a purpose to play in his mission and there is no point in questioning further.



Sai Gayatri Mantra

Om Saayeeshvaraaya Vidhmahe
Sathya Dhevaaya Dheemahi
Thannassarvah Prachodayaath

“We know this Sai as supreme divinity incarnate.
We meditate on this God of Truth.
May this Almighty All-in-all Personality lead us on
the path of total liberation.”


As per swami’s inspiration , as part of this project , 90 chanting centers will be inaugrated where in regular Sai Gayatri mantra chanting will be done as per procedure adopted.

Once 90 chanting centers are inaugurated and are actively chanting Sai Gayatri mantra on regular basis, Sri Gayathri Maha Yaga will be planned to be performed at Chennapatna, Ramanagara dist.

Maha yaga will be planned tentatively to be performed after Bhagawan 91st birth day.

During Maha Yaga more than 5000 devotees will chant Sai Gayathri mantra for 2 hours as offering at lotus feet for global peace.

Our humble prayers to swami to consider this auspicious Maha Yaga Day as GLOBLE  SAI GAYATHRI CHANTING DAY ,  similar to Global Akanda bhajan day.

May this Global chanting bring in love, peace and harmony in the world.

We thank you swami whole heartedly for providing us this golden opportunity and guiding us through every step. We pray to give us strength, time, devotion and unshakable faith that you are the doer and we are just your instruments.

“Aavajanam na janami ,

Na janami visarjanam,

Poojam chaiva na janami ,

Kshamatham Saieeshwara”


“I don’t know how to invoke you, nor do I know how to send you away,

And I also do not know how to worship you , oh Lord saieeshwara  please pardon me.”

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