Sri. Ramesh Sawant – Samarpan 16-3-2014

Here is the video and transcript of the Samarpan talk given by Sri. Ramesh Sawant at Brindavan on the 16th of March, 2014.

Pranams at the Lotus Feet of our beloved  Bhagawan  Baba. Pranams to Bhagawan present in each and everyone here, and those who are not here. I don’t know why Samarpan people have chosen me here today to speak about experiences and then the work which is going on in Maharashtra. Actually I am not a speaker, I am a worker. Because Swami has said He is the first servant of this universe and when He introduced the organization, He said as the State President you are the first servant of the State. So I know only that I am His  first Sevadal of my State and I have been doing the service work as guided by Bhagawan Baba. I consider myself very fortunate, most fortunate because I came into contact with Bhagawan the place called Goa in Panjim City. I was not much aware about Bhagawan. When I used to go as a college boy to the Bhajans and make arrangements putting all dhurries, making equipments ready for those singers and then elderly people then ,just now  he was mentioning about doctor Subramaniam, he used to be there as our elders. My father, so many other government officials got a transfer from different states to Goa.

One day Swami came to Panjim, He was supposed to  come to Swami Vivekananda hall which is in Jumta house on the sixth floor of that building so I was at the gate, building  gate. As soon as He got down He just tapped me, I was absolutely new,I was having the first Darshan of Bhagawan as a spiruality or anything for that matter I was not aware of anything.I followed with Him to the lift gate, again he put the materialized vibhuthi He has put it on my forehead and then put on my hair and then  I was standing there, at the lift gate,He said come inside.I got into the lift,I went up. Many, many people were gathered there all top people, top officials ,all rich and poor everybody was there. Hall was packed. Along with me my brother in law, other people were there. They came by walk on the sixth floor.I was only allowed to enter the hall somehow and Swami started giving Darshan from here and Swami said come and I was walking ,I don’t know what I have to do my duty or something and I just walked along with Him, I could not enjoy also because I was not knowing what is that proximity with that Bhagawan. Gradually I walked in and then everything was and then. That day there was a public meeting in Goa , in Panjim. Those days people were not aware about Bhagawan much. Only the outsiders who had gone from different states they knew that the Sathya  Sai Baba is Poorna  Avatar, Bhagawan and we were enjoying the bhajans, that young age and that too in Goa having lot of attraction all around.I don’t know I used to go regularly to the bhajan and I don’t know, Swami, but that day He tapped and He took me with Him. I will like to mention here,I had no background whatsoever. Today also I have not gone through many Puranas or Pothis or anything. Whatever I have heard whatever I have experienced Bhagawan, whatever Bhagawan has blessed me, on those blessings I have been working as if today I am as it is. I have no knowledge about spirituality as a norm.

I wanted to mention something here, when I enter after so many years, after Swami’s physical departure, I could feel something different, because it was so silent when I enter the Ashram here, in Whitefield. I could feel the  His Presence, His vibrations, slowly we enter in the afternoon inside the ashram I could feel the each and every particle atom at this place is telling me something ,telling me something ,remember, remember, we have enjoyed Swami’s proximity, Swami’s blessings here. I never had, even when Swami used to be there physically, I tell you, today’s special experience which I enjoyed today I told Bro.Chandrashekharan   our other,  when I enter the room also I could feel that presence, Bhagawan’s Presence and then suddenly I thought, I remember that I have booked the ticket tonight at 9.25 flight.I said I made a mistake, I should not have booked my ticket. He said why don’t you stay back we’ll cancel the ticket.Really I tell you that was the experience at that gate, after that when I walked in, walked in, walked in, and I went to the Brindavan  inside, Trayee  Brindavan, I could get those remembrance with Bhagawan, how Bhagawan used to call us if, I am trying to hide and sit at the gate, come “Aaghe  aao”,those type of actions I could remember, how the  love which  He used to give and then really,  today, I am really fortunate.I am not thankful  but grateful to Samarpan people inviting me here, on just an occasion of meeting you, talking to you, as I mentioned, absolutely I cannot relate things, you know, properly or I cannot talk to you in that as a good speaker, but really I could feel His Presence, now also, when I ask Him whether I can go and prostate here, near the Ganpathi, because I had everything in my mind. Whenever I used to  come here I prostate I used to pray here  Ganpathi and then I used to pray  Swami As if today I am enjoying that  Swami is sitting there and giving us ,all of us He is blessing us, that vibration I could feel after so many years and even when I used to sit in this front lines sometimes on these corners, Swami used to come and He used to talk to us ,He used to enquire about so many things about the organization about the fight going on in the organization he says that takkar, takkar, takkar is really those, those words of Swami we really used to make us, really memorable. Now of course we cannot hear His voice but His Presence and His Blessings are always with us and not only here. This is today I have experienced all these things but  I really say I want to pray a  gratitude to Brindavan ,this ashram, as well as those days Dr.Padmanabhan used to be there how he used to push me go inside, go, go, go inside because I had a little that  bad habit of keeping myself little away, he used to push me go, go, go in the front like that. So I remember those days I know how Gangadhar  Shetty used to feed us Chappan  Bhog I just  mention to your warden and everybody here how we used to enjoy Chappan  bhog means all type of food used to be served with love. Its not only decorum for just to please us but with love they used to{11:59} serve us. Like I mentioned Dr. Padmanabhan, Mr. C. Srinivas used to be there. Our Gangadhar Shetty for that matter now at this age, for one year I have not met him but when I had an opportunity to be with him in somewhere in Bangalore city he used to pull me, take me to the hotel and then give me remind me have this is Swami’s Prasadam and he himself used to have sweet everything and used to force me to have two two, three three, four four sweets at a time. Even then I am a diabetic, even then he used to force me and I used to enjoy that love. So many more people are there, Dr.Dhagappa, really he has taken over nicely Vinay Kumar and for that matter I have experienced their love it’s Swami’s love  otherwise I cannot give them anything in return. What for they should love me, all these  people what for they should love me. So Dhagappa Sir also, Ravikumar as I know from his childhood  as a student, I have  heard lot of his stories about  height increase,  lot of things and with so much he has taken over the charge of as a warden. Of course I know Sanjay Sahni very well from long years. Now he has become Director of this instituition, he is also very polite and apt, very nice. He will narrate incidents of Bhagawan so nicely, so nicely and I should not forget Mr. Bhutia ji.  Mr.Bhatia, what do you say Swami used to call him, when I used to do duty here I remember, Bhatia ji, we used to do duty here. From Prashanthinilayam   eleven  sevadal used to send here and in that I used to come here and I used to work here and he used to guide us. He was the leader for us, those days and he used to guide us how Swami is sleeping there now, how you should see that , this, He should not be disturbed and see that monkeys should not come on this side, they should not make noise and all ,so many things, literally we have  enjoyed each and every place of this Ashram. We have really enjoyed. I’ll give you one example here, I don’t want to boast myself .Mr.Reddy used to be there know, earlier, and those days we used to come for this Seva here. That time started heavy rains here. What do you see at the gate on the ground, you see some grills are there, metal grills are there. Those days water used to come inside. And we used to do lot of work. We used to put some material there so that water should not come in. One day we tried, second day also we tried, third day also we tried then we got so much tired. Then the Reddy, he advised me,” Are you prepared to do little more work?.” I said” Yes” Tell me what we have to do. He said “I’ll get these things ready and when rain is not there that night we’ll put up all the this grills there so that and concrete, for this will be a permanent solution for us. I said “Oh yes we’ll do it”. I’ll tell you he brought the ,he got it from somewhere and that time I remember the payment was supposed to be made. He said I have get a sanction from the warden and all those things and so Bhagawan had, I said go ahead we don’t have to tell anybody, we have to finish the job and get it done. Because all water is coming inside so , he brought those things and one night we started putting up those grills there. Again rain started. We had made lot of concrete ready,and  this started ,half ,half the work was over. I’ll tell you he said we’ll not able to do this today because it’s raining there and everything will get washed off because it’s a wet concrete, cement will wipe off so we will not able to do it. I said what you want me to do here. He said we have to stop this water which is coming from other side ,I said you do your work ,Now rain has stopped and I will stop it. And literally myself I put a human barrier we can say means like a lump just put myself on that trunk and then and I was trying to stop that and water was from the other side. Now you can put, all your finishing thing you can do it now and literally Swami with Blessings after some time rain stopped and we could finish that work and you are seeing that those grills are till today, So, I cannot forget these incidents which I have enjoyed here in Brindavan. Similar there are so many incidents Next day Swami sends money to me saying that you have spent, so, you  take this money and all, I was requesting warden please please do not, this is what I could able to do it so, again he went back to Bhagawan. Bhagawan said, no ask him to take money, again, said please Swami, please, please don’t, then He said O.k. Then He said atleast have something as a prasadam and He gave me some money which I took it as a prasadam from Bhagawan.

One more thing I will tell you. Those  days again Swami used to be here in Brindavan, when we used to do seva in Puttaparthi. So I will tell you, you will cry. The sevadals used to come from different parts of states, from villages and they were so eager to do the seva at Guru’s place. This opportunity we will not get so they used to sell their goat, sometime they used to sell their something land ,they used to sell things to buy the tickets and little karcha, expenses.I used to get tears and when they are coming all the way from those distances and Swami is not there in Puttaparthi, after the service is over to give the Padanamaskar and vibhuthi  prasadam. So then here they gave a  permission that we can bring those sevadals to Brindavan. And now you imagine in those days to get the vehicles, buses also from AP state corporation was horrible means we had suffered a lot. Then we had a some request here with Karnataka {19:59}         [not decipherable]and we used to book those buses and bring those  sevadals here and Swami used to come and give padanamaskar and vibhuthi  prasadam and really that scene you should have, somebody should have recorded tears from so many devotees that  after this work, after the seva they got the padanamaskar.

One incident was there. I was sitting here as a leader here and and all other sevadal were sitting at the back. Swami came from here from that distance He instead of coming here He went to the last row there and He started discussing and singing {20:49} [not decipherable] something and looking at me here because I was at that time on my knees,  wanted to see what Swami has gone there if some message is there I have to get up  So from there He was talking to the sevadal and looking at me. Then somebody, some  sevadal told me come here. He is asking about you and He wants you there. I ran from there from here to that place .He said “kitna  sevadal  hai? Bahut kaam kiya, Bahut mehnat hua , tagh gaya hai, bahut takleef diya hai started telling all these things. Nahi Swami this is an opportunity  you  have given us and all of us are very happy to have your Darshan, PaadSparshan and then Prasadam also. Now you will know the value of those prasadam , namaskar and everything for that matter ,sambashan everything. That day He created one ring for me a silver ring with His photograph of fifty years that is fifty years of celebration with lot of garlands, that ring He materialized and He gave me there. I will tell you before few months somebody I don’t know somebody met me or something and he said you put silver ring with Guru’s stone .So I just, because whatever he has said I just could not, did not take it seriously and Swami materialized me Guru ring with in a silver this thing and put it in this middle finger. That was the incidence where I started crying, and everybody started clapping with that enjoyment. To give one vibhuthi, materialized vibhuthi or ring or anything ,talking to a few sevadals ,it gives joy to all of us, all of us. So that attachment is also with this hall. That attachment is also with this hall.

Secondly, second time I came here after Swami’s visit to Bombay and then He told me that somebody offered the car to Him. He said bring the car to Whitefield, Brindavan. I said O k. What I have to do just bring the car from Bombay to here, that’s my duty. Ok that way I like driving also because I had, I had gone for, I had  done Himalayan Rally also. I got lot of fancy for the driving also. I have done Himalayan Rally also .I said I’ll enjoy the driving and I’ll bring the car here. I brought the car, I gave the car here to someone here I don’t remember, and we sat here for the Darshan. We three of us were there, myself ,Mr.Nair, T.V.Nair, and one Talreja whose son I think studies in Puttaparthi or here in Brindavan. And suddenly message comes, call that Bombay fellow. We three of us went inside. He started talking to us “Yeh kya karta hai”?, Since I, by face or something He knew me. Then He started asking Nair also, He started asking the other gentleman also about the business, about the things, about the so many things and said haan  business down ,down hai ,business change karo, second person diversify karo, yeh karo. He did’nt tell me anything that time .Again He materialized one more ring, Navagraha ring there and He putted it on this finger[Sawant Sir is showing to the audience that finger]{25:07}.See without any expectation, without anything Swami is pouring His love on me. Because He has tapped me in Goa and in that childhood when I was young that time He had decided, It is not that we have done something great in this life, must have done in the past life, some great things “Manushya  janma  durlabhe”.It said after eighty six yonis, if you have to cross eighty six  laksha yonis ,and then you get this  maanav  janma and that too that maanav  janma where, in India, Bharat, we will not say India, its  Bharatvarsha  the most spiritual, where all the avatars have taken birth ,this is the land ,were you get a birth. Again you get a birth I consider since I got it in,  born in Maharashtra, Maharashtra supposed to be saint bhoomi so, that, I consider myself fortunate to be born in Maharashtra. Again in a family were my father and all, they used to be devotee of Bhagawan Baba and again get into avatar, with avatar and  not only the avatar, you have not only had a  darshan, sparshan , sambashan, but He gave an opportunity to be in His Mission. It’s not simple to be. There are so many great people, great scientists, intellectual people very rich people they get Swami’s darshan, sparshan, ashirwaad so many things but to get an opportunity  to be in His mission is something you cannot value it. You get that opportunity and again you have to be consistent in that seva. Because so many people, came and they did lot of good work and went away. To be with Bhagawan in His mission permanently, there should be His Grace. Once I think He has told Bhagya, Prof.Bhagya, that what is the our fortune ,why you are giving , he[Prof.Bhagya] is asking the Bhagawan why you are keeping us and why you are giving us after this darshan and our all things, is there any Sanchit Karma with us that’s why you are taking us so near? He said no this eyelid once you just have one zip of this eyelid and when you  have my Darshan they are all your good karmas are over. In Sai Sat Charitha it is in Fifteenth Adhyaya. It is clearly mentioned by Dabholkar Hemadpant, Shirdi Sai Baba used to call Hemadpant “Sai darshan Jyala ve”{ 28:31} where he means  Jiska bahut punya karma, sanchit is  good lot of sanchit is there then only you can get the Sai Darshan. So that darshan , whatever good karmas you have done that is over. Afterwards it  is Me, that I am taking you and I have taken you with me and  it is not your good deeds or your good karmas or whatever it is ,it is I have wished that I want you to be with Me and you are the chosen ones. So I consider myself you also everybody chosen ones. He has taken us with us. I know He is {29:22} [ sitting[not decipherable] there.He must be laughing about me talking all this irrelevant on something not properly or practically ,because He does’nt like anything saying little bit here and there in spirituality .

In spirituality He will not tolerate any, anything here and there. There are so many good masters who has done lot of tapasya, vrat, when they have discussion with Bhagawan ,Bhagawan used to guide them properly at proper place. He said no it’s not like that, it is the meaning of this verse is like this. So He is a very perfect. I will tell you after this incidence I continued with Him blindly. I did not thought of any means whether I should ask Bhagawan something or not materialistic, even in spiritual way or in anything. In service activity also He used to just guide me, He is to just guide me. I never used to ask Him any questions, anything .Implicit obedience Uttam Shishya, Madhyam Shishya,and Kanishta Shishya, there are three types of shishyas. Means we have to assess ourselves, and we have to decide when Guru and  that too Bhagawan, Poorna Avatar is our Guru directing us, telling us, guiding us, and to do something, and we are sitting ,listening, enjoying, and then after Prasad everything and then see this Swami spoke very well and then go home and do nothing. Second shishya is there, Swami said really wonderful, we should really do some manan, chintan, on those subjects, they will discuss everything and time come we will see what we have to do. And the third shishya, as soon as Swami speaks something or say something, or by look also if He says something and he will just implement immediately without any thoughts or without any evaluation of those sentences or words, that’s called the Uttam Shishya. So we were trying to be a Uttam shishya. If Swami says you do this, you have to do this. If Swami says don’t do , don’t do this. We don’t know what for He has said to do this work, what for He has said not to do this work, we never used to question or never used to bother in the mind. Because  work has to be done through heart. And that way our work was going on.

In Panjim Goa city,when He came second time,He had appendicitis attack, appendicitis attack. There was, Swami’s appendicitis was fully ripe, what you can say, about to burst. When He travel from Dharwad I think, Dharwad He travel from Dharwad to Panjim ,I was there that time also, I’ll tell you He had such a bad pain, and when somebody used to ask Him you have a  pain no ,no ,no, I don’t have any pain. This is not the body , I don’t get any pain. You imagine that He came to a Lieutienant Governor’s house there. That time Napul Singh was there and he called doctors. One doctor ,Dr BPS Kakodkar {33:28}{name not decipherable}was appointed as an official doctor from government side at that time. And that Dr Verma was also there and Dr. Thorane{33:36} was another doctor. There were four doctors and constantly they were seeing that and the X ray machine was also brought to that Kaboraj Niwas                     {33:52} Governor’s house. And they said now if you don’t operate it will burst and things will be very bad. And Swami said nothing doing, lots of tablets were also brought, lots of liquids some other things were brought lots of things because He used to get that  pain and gas, so much He suffered, He said I have taken the somebody’s illness on Me. That’s what He mentioned also. Again I was also eighteen years, or must be eighteen, nineteen years, again no idea about Bhagawan’s miracle or anything. Literally Swami did not have anything three days and on the fourth day, that night, I think Mr Kasturi was with Him. Mr.Kasturi was so uneasy that Swami is not well and He is asking ordering us to go to bed, go and sleep there. So he has to listen and then he just slept like that and he was looking at the ceiling and saying what to do now, how to save His, you have to take care of Bhagawan. He was so worried. Next day morning, early morning 3 ‘o’ clock, He asked for water. He took the water, Swami never ask for anything ,He Himself took the water and drank the water. Slowly He said all people will have a meeting here in Kaboraj Niwas and have a bhajan  also. The people were saying, the doctors were saying no, no,no. Please do not get up from the bed, please do not walk, even He cannot, He could not put a one step also. And then there was no lift, that time no lift. He had to come in those  wooden staircase, olden time wooden staircase. And He came down, He attended the bhajan , He took the Aarthi, He blessed the people, He materialized the ring for one doctor, He materialized one photograph to another doctor, third doctor again He materialized a ring everything and then He became slowly normal. Doctor was stunned. He said last three four days we are examining you and then He is having this ,such a swelling, so much of swelling and then everything is normal. And from there He went to Bombay. I think the boys who have not met Bhagawan, or seen Bhagawan, I have seen with my own eyes Bhagawan those days as a young man and He used to have this type of miracle.

That time single handed because all of them were elderly persons, I managed to have a one public meeting in Azaad  Maidan in Panjim. I used to take auto, loudspeaker, one mike and I used to go nearby villages ,I used to announce there is a meeting,public meeting of Bhagawan Baba.Bhagawan Baba is going to give Divya Sandesh, all those type of things I used to go and tell, come back have the stage ready, and Swami came and He gave Discourse and I was just near the stage and I was enjoying that. Till then I did not understand and  what was the Sandesh ,what was the discourse Swami gave, because I was enjoying only Bhagawan, Bhagawan, Bhagawan. I had never seen any Bhagawan ,or I don’t know, it did not struck me because there are lot of deities in Goa. We used to go there for darshan and perform abishek, even our Dr.Mr. Dhagappa SP, he has got his one deity there, he regularly goes there means very charged deities{38:15} are there. But to my mind this is the God. This is the God and Only God. I don’t know anything, childhood I used to go to Shirdi. Of course I used to take many people, many guest to Shirdi, I used to go, climb the Samadhi, I used to touch the Bhagawan, I used to put the abhishekam on Shirdi Baba, all this fine. But till then when I met Bhagawan I could feel that His vibrations, His love, it’s a full of love. Means it cannot be explained, you have to experience that love. Whenever we had food also with Bhagawan there is no sequence {39:07} whatever I am talking , whenever we used to have, I forgot mentioning about Ruchir Desai. He is such a great soul. He used to serve all the guests and Swami there, when Swami used to take food, I remember when one more incidence here in Whitefield from Brindavan.

I don’t know I came with, some work was given by Bhagawan to me to bring those things here. I brought those people here and I said now that,  people are here, you take charge of it, I’m going. Suddenly comes out and says” Naya Gaadi laaya hai?” That time I had brought a new car. You imagine my car is somewhere there and He says Naya gaadi laaya hai. I said “Haan Swami”. Come to Kodaikanal. Come to Kodaikanal. I said Ok that was the first time I was supposed to go to Kodaikanal. We went to Kodaikanal . I told Ruchir Desai Swami has called me. I said just manage somewhere there is a lot of space constraint here. We ourselves our boys are little difficult to adjust. So I managed. Afternoon time Swami asked, calls me for lunch. He said something which I’m not again expecting to have a lunch with Bhagawan. I said He called me inside, He made me sit there. All people were inside. All others were inside, I myself alone was outside and He was waiting outside the room like this [Sawant sir shows how Swami was keeping His Hands behind ]and waiting. Then slowly I slip in. He said come. Then He took me inside and the one seat was there for me .I went and sat there. Then of course Brahmaarpanam and started everybody .I knew I should not leave anything in my plate. I must finish everything, that much I know that Swami will not like it. Even kadipatha  or for that matter anything you should not leave in the.So what I did first {41:41}everything I finished so fast that Swami asks me then I am clear. Again this people say this is one round,this is second round,this is third round, I said I cannot eat so much, and they are going on putting all this things, three, four  course          {42:08} meals. I finished that also. Then Swami came” Khana Kaaya”? “Haan” Swami. “Bahut achcha tha”.” Dikhao”. So I lifted the thaali, and said Swami thaali. mera kaali         {42:19}Oh very nice. Then He asked Ruchir Desai ,Ruchir Desai do you have fruits? fruit salad. No before that He came, He got up from His when  He was taking food  and He came there. I like brinjal, so I could not ask another portion of brinjal. He came Himself and said put brinjal to him. What I am thinking in my mind He comes and says put that brinjal to him. Ok I had that brinjal  I  enjoyed. Then after that finishing He calls Ruchir Desai, He looks up that pot and saying “Achcha Hai” Good!  Quality achcha hai. And He puts that to me, have this. You tell me what I have done for Him, what I have done in my life. I have not done anything except service, except service. That too He wanted this service to be done without any expectation and that too with love, otherwise there are so many instituitions  doing good work, social work outside, they are doing better than us. They are spending so much money also outside, but He wanted us to do Service without any expectation ,with love. Otherwise this will not reach to Bhagawan. Thats what is mandatory. And that was very simple for me . I was young I was going on doing work I don’t know what is the time because lot of things are there with me.

I used to bunk my college and I used to come to Puttaparthi , without any intimation. Then my parents used to see where he has gone ,where he has gone ,give complaint to police station and all and I am there in Puttaparthi, those days no mobile, nothing. Suppose Dharwad, some Dharwadis go to Hubli, I used to have the scooter and even there  is the rain from Goa I used to drive the scooter and come to Arike’s, Dr.Arike’s place University ,Ya I used to come .Was there any invitation for me. No. It is just urge, inside urge that I have to see Bhagawan, I should meet the Bhagawan, what blessings also that also I was not knowing that time. What blessing , But I know Bhagawan is there and I am enjoying. And that way I was enjoying I used to run there, wherever He used to go  I used to drive through upto Belgaum then come back and then again my family, my parents used to search means send messages to Police station. My father used to be a big man there in Goa those days. So all this time police use to come , he must have gone with Sai Baba, udhar. He must have gone there Don’t worry he will come back after some time. When I was started working also, my boss was very strict. He never used to allow me to go to Puttaparthi  or for that matter we had one All India World Conference In Madras, Chennai, Mr.Verma’s place, if you remember. I’ll tell you I enjoyed that food so much in my lifetime I’ll remember that taste also. Of course Dhagappa I appreciate your food also, don’t worry. But that as a young age I enjoyed so much food there when Swami gave that second life to Holmes if you remember, that Conference, Holmes He gave that second life that time and I attended that .That time also I left my  office. He said that I am not going to give you leave and I’ll not allow to join also. I used to go there ,I used to enjoy I used to come back, again he used to take me on my job that way. This was going on and going on. No break wherever no worries about my job, or career, or my studies or my future nothing. Because He used to He made my future also like that. Now  what he said Industrialist, I don’t know how I became Industrialist also. Till today I am not giving one hour time of every day to my business. Not even one hour. Imagine Murali is a witness .Murali Bhaiyya he is a witness there. I don’t give one hour’s time also to business. My wife is doing business, sometimes my people they manage the business all those things they are doing the business, because they say atleast give one day in a month for the business .My son says atleast give one day for me for the business so that I will not make mistakes and you will take care of my business. I said Swami is willing to give you everything why do you bother you go with your whatever you know about the business. You do that business you will be successful in the business.

Because this also incidence I’ll like to tell. Once it so happened I used to go for Prashanthi Seva regularly. Then Swami selected me as the State President and even then I am like a sevadal only, I don’t consider myself something great.State President means more responsibility on you to see that it reflects, Swami is reflecting through you. The responsibility is more when you are office bearer of the organization. That way I was very much involved in the activities. There was a grama seva exhibition in Puttaparthi. Grama seva exhibition during that time, we did all the work. Swami came and went through everything and that time I started getting some problem with my legs. This surface at the bottom[shows by rubbing his palms]{49:20} started getting numbness  I thought because of some exertion ,I did not bother about. Then again I went back to Bombay and it started coming up. Then I consulted one of our regular doctor MD doctor, double MD, physician and chest. He said I’ll give you some medicines, injections Neurobion and I took B6 and B12 Injections. I had three then ten, there was no improvement at all. It started coming up to knee. Then my this walking started to disturb. Then he said we better we will consult for the one more  good specialist. He consulted one Dr Sampath from Breach Candy Hospital in Bombay. He said immediately we will take out your X Ray ,MRI He took the visual X Ray {50:22}and then he said we will go for MRI ,so many test and then he saw one cyst in my spine, one cyst in the spine. And then he said see, this is very dangerous. You must get it operated immediately , otherwise this will come up more and then will not able to operate him then  will not be a successful. Now only I’m telling you, it’s a risk operating him and thirty percent hopes, that you will be cured thirty percent. Then we went to another doctor in Leelavathi.  Mr.Dr Ramani ,is a very well known surgeon, then Dr Dalal very well known neurologist and one more Mr. Shashaank Joshi another branch of the medicine .This three doctors were  trying to find out what is  the problem .They forwarded my all  reports to London also to get some feedback or for some opinion on my this problem. He said now I have to go for the operation. I said why not have one more opinion. So they took me to Bhatia Hospital. Again everywhere MRI, everywhere all the test .Even they puncture my lumbar and took the vein{51:58} and tested .Again that too  Bombay Hospital  V S Singhal {52:04} one of the most leading neurologist. He said again MRI ,everything now we have come to a conclusion that we, by then things came up to waist means I was not able to walk ,on wheel chair with stick with support and all. Then I told him where do you stay Sir ,I said Andheri, so you better get operated in Leelavathi .It’s closeby in Bandra. I said give me three day’s  time. I will go to Sathya Sai Baba to Puttaparthi , I’ll consult Him, and then come back to you. Then he started sarcastic laughing. Maharaj. Yes doctor , I’ll go to Him, if He says yes he has to be operated I’ll come back here, within three days time .

Those days direct flight used to be there from Bombay to Parthi. I’ll tell you I’ll  speed up everything, I got into the flight and there was a message to Puttaparthi airport to keep wheel chair ready. Captain Sharma who was there, he said who is that person who is coming in a wheel chair here. When he saw me coming down from the aircraft, my what happened to this fellow Sawant. He is so energetic and then active. He started tears in his eyes you know. He provided me chair and I went to because, till then I did’nt have any hopes  that I ‘ll start walking again, and my face ,my mood, there was no expression on my face. Anybody says very  bad or something, will get well, no reaction. I don’t know what had happened to me, but there was no reaction on my face or anything. I went to Puttaparthi N 9 ground floor,they gave me. Evening darshan, I sat there. I sat on the verandah, in front of the verandah, in the front place. There were Farookh Abdulla’s sons group eight ten people were there, Farookh Abdulla  from  Kashmir. So next to my seat Samir Bhatia he was an ex managing Director of Barclay’s bank. He said we don’t see any chance today, because those people have come. They are all VIP’s so Swami may not look at you. There is no chance today for you. And Swami came walking straight from His residence He used to walk Swami those days ,came to ladies side, my wife and my daughter in law was there, started Swami, Swami, Swami, materialized vibhuthi and gave the vibhuthi to them my wife. Came straight those group started getting up. Swami said sit down, sit down, sit down. Even then they did’nt know the discipline, Swami shouted sit down. Then all of them sat on their .He came straight to me because I do not wanted  to sit on chair. Because Swami may not come there. The position here is a different Swami comes first there and then moves inside. But in Puttaparthi that was not the case, chair means gent side means far off. So I took lot of cushions. With those cushions I just placed myself on those cushions. He came there, straight materialized vibhuthi, He gave me vibhuthi and other colleagues they gave me support and then I took the vibhuthi. I was about to eat the vibhuthi, Swami immediately from somewhere took the paper, took my vibhuthi folded it properly and putted in my pocket, that’s all. Before that, I had given my papers to Dr.Safaya because I thought Safaya sits there in front and Swami comes from the interview room immediately he is there He says he told me I’ll ask Swami because we got this facility in Whitefield Hospital. We can do that operation here. And as soon as Swami came out from the interview room He said Safaya Kab Jaata hain. Swami Aap bhole, Ab jao. He had to get up he had my big file while going he handed over the file to me, he said sorry Sawant Main Swami se baat nahi kar saka. There Chakravarthi was there. Chakravarthi  Sir  Secretary. He said I’ll ask Swami whether I should send Sawant to Bombay or Bangalore. See we wanted to play with Bhagawan and he asked Bhagawan Swami were should we send Sawant, Bombay, so ruled out Bangalore Hospital. Then second day everything got over, Aarthi  got over,second day we sat again for. That night, my wife says Swami has blessed me Swami has blessed you He has materialized vibhuthi so He has given even the blessings His blessings are there we will go back to Bombay and we’ll get it operated,so His blessings are there so you don’t worry. I said nothing doing ,I’m not going to move from here. Unless and until Swami gives me a clear indication, direction or something like that. And there was what doctor had said you should come fast already it’s too late they are not giving the guarantee for the operation and all. I said nothing doing whatever the issue was  talking, I was not ready to listen. Next day we sat for darshan. Again my wife Swami,Swami,Swami,Amma maaloom hain,amma maaloom hain, nahi Sawant , amma maaloom hain, she thought that Swami might not be knowing well. She  mention Sawant so that He will speak to her .Amma maaloom hain, Again He came took some one lady for interview another gentleman from inside Then from interview room again He came out and said come on He said come inside. Now I was sitting on my cushion how to get up how to go inside now. So I said better lift me now I have to go inside the interview room. When I got up from ladies side they saw me came running and they helped me Nitin also helped me ,My stick was also there they helped me and then I enter the interview room. Normally Swami go inside first and then He allows,  no He allows us first and then He goes in the last. Here He went inside  first He kept the door open and I went inside. So I thought I’ll go and sit at His lotus feet yeh udar baito. I saw that there was a chair inside the interview room already He has arranged a chair for me imagine .Quietly I sat there. Then again He materialized vibhuthi for ladies and gave them He materialized one big pendant with chain for one lady and then again He materialized one watch it came like a snake from here and He caught that and then He gave to that gentleman I said all these are going what about me .He has to do something for me .Then He finished everything and took them inside room that interview also got over. He brought them back .Umm” chalo andhar” He told me come inside. Again my wife, my daughter in law ,they helped me .I went inside ,inside room. Now inside there is one sofa ,now I have to sit.”Yeh Idhar Baito”.Sit next to me. He made me to sit Bhagawan of the Triloka, Universe, Bhagawan,He is asking you to sit next to Him .Imagine, I could not for a moment means how can I go and sit next to Him,”Yeh Baito”.I sat there, my wife, she got a privacy, she started crying. Swami, Mera, Sawant ko yeh hua ,aisa hua.”Kal raath ko kya jagada chaalu tha” immediately He asked her because she was telling me know we should go back to Bombay and get it operated.”Kal raath ko kya jagada chaalu tha”,Nahi Swami Nahi Swami, Swami, apne vibhuthi diya,Tumne unko bhola,hum log Bombay jaayega aur operation karega.”Kya operation karega”Usko danta”No operation”,”No operation”and He told  “No operation” ten times or more than that He said No operation till such time your convinced that you are not going to have an operation.No operation. Swami aisa hua kya karo,my wife and daughter in law were crying” Amma nahi rona, Main hain na ,Woh Mera kaam kartha hain, Main uska dekh baal karega,Sab sab clear Main karega Who, I don’t want to use those good words because I don’t want to have that ego also with me. He spoke so nice about my wife and gave a guarantee to her that he is doing My work and I’ll take care of him. That was His assurance, His guarantee to my family and afterwards, all everything quiet, then convinced my wife and everything.

I’m telling in short because it was a big story inside what Swami was doing. Then we came out of the inside room and then I was standing there, Swami was also standing so I did not, Haan in the meantime what He did ,He got up from the sofa and He touched my knees, He touched my knees, and did like this {01:03:55}{Sawant Sir shows how Swami cures him} Now we are so eager or we consider ourselves fortunate to have His Paada sparsha or something that seva we can do to Him. If not at all to Him atleast to His devotees, not to devotees but to devotees of devotees, something like that. We crave for that type of seva. And when He Himself gets up and touches our feet, our knees and does like this, something  indifferent,I was shocked. Then He called us outer room ,outside room and then He allowed my wife and  daughter in law to go. And I was standing there. He hold my this two fingers{01:04:43}[Sir shows how Swami held him] right fingers slowly, so delicate His hand is, so delicate, He just told me to go out of interview room. I went out like this. I could not notice that I’m walking. I came out walking, everybody started clapping, inside hall. Suddenly Nitin Acharya comes all those boys came and started Arre gir jayega , gir jaayega, I myself not aware but I am walking and my stick was also inside,  I had no support and that day I took three rounds without stick without any support to N 9 building. It’s quite  big  building cannot put a one stain{01:05:44} and without medicine without doing anything He made me walk and had three full big round. Then I again next day I sat for darshan.Kab jaata hain? Swami ab jaata hain. If I have to go then I have to come by Bangalore flight. Then again I sat in the next, gaya nahin. Nahi Swami direct flight hain, Puttaparthi se use jata hain.Haan jao ,jao,jao. And then we came back to Bombay. And then we went to all these Hospitals,mainly Leelavathi. It’s a big Hospital.We had MRI, we had other test, everything and all test were negative ,negative ,negative. Those doctors were shocked. This fellow such a big record, and when I went inside know, went with the file, what happened you know, Swami took that file, just put it so loudly on the side table. That time itself only He has recovered me what you call, finished all the sickness. That reports, I thought Swami will go through reports or what is the problem or something like that, He just banged the file there and He recover me. I went to those Hospitals,and they were so surprised, everything went negative, negative all reports and I could walk and today I am walking here. I am here with you for after so many years this happened, I think 2002,somewhere in 2002.Now I’m still there. Of course He has kept little thing in my leg, that I should always remember Bhagawan. If He had made me one hundred percent, point one percent He has kept me that rememberance, that  Bhagawan is there don’t forget, that He has cured you. But after that  whenever I have met Bhagawan or interview or lunch time or anything, anything. He never gave any indication on His face with a word that I have cured you,or I have done so much good for you. That is Bhagawan. What I’m trying to give you about the Bhagawan, Bhagawan why I said He will never ask for a glass of water, He has never shown any desire, or any want or anything for that matter that I need this gown or.

I’ll give you one more example. In Dharmakshetra, He came, He used to bring all His gown and everything. Karunyanidhi was there, or somebody gave the dhoti inside  peethamber. That Peethamber was torn one, and don’t you think that Swami knows like it’s a torn one. He should not wear or something. He went for the Darshan as it is the torn Peethamber, and then while coming, this our Satish and Karunyanandaswami noticed and said Swami, Bhagawan you have gone with this torn dhoti. What can I do? You have given me” Jaisa mera waqt mujhe raktha  hain, waisa maie rehta hain. So He has never demanded anything for Himself .He had never any want, desire or anything for that matter. Why He has taken the birth? And what was His teachings, we are discussing lot of incidents, there are more incidents.

I was , Again I was admitted in the Hospital, for my heart problem, and doctor had suggested to have pacemaker for me. I heard this and I just  called up Puttaparthi, means not me, I told one of my friend, colleague. Sathyajit took the phone call and then he said Swami Sawant Sir aisa aisa hain problem .He talked to Bhagawan, Bhagawan said inform him do not have any fear.Then he said I’ll tell you that Swami has blessed you. No only say only one sentence “Do not have any fear”. He translated in English and he said I’m translating in English as it is Bhgawan’s  word. The moment He said Do not have any fear the doctor Gokhule was supposed to be the topmost doctor in Leelavathi, very good doctor. He just enters the ICU room, he says remove all this  things, don’t give him any medicines, don’t give any medicines.ICU incharge doctor,ICU incharge doctor says, what are you doing, let we’ll continue. We have called another doctor also for.No,no, remove him let him see. He says will you walk on that stress test, stress machine. I said Yes if you want me to walk, I’ll walk .He said he will die on that stress machine, the doctor says, another doctor. I will not allow you to take him away from this ICU. He takes me there on that stress test,9 minutes 9 seconds something like that. I ran on that machine, and my this thing because, my pulse rate was very low, it was not improving even after the medicines or anything. When I walked on that stress test it got improved automatically, because He says I don’t know why I decided this treatment, type of treatment. I’ll never advise anybody who has got a heart problem to run on the stress test. But I did that and then he put a [filter]{01:12:28} on me for 24 hours and  said go from thirteenth floor to fourteenth floor, fourteenth floor to thirteenth floor, thirteenth floor to fourteenth  floor. After twenty four hours he went through all my reports he said nothing is wrong with you, you can go home. It is a just one sentence, not even sentence just blessings through phone, phone call He makes me perfect. This is Bhagawan. These miracles not just for enjoyment or something story. Like that so many things I’ll tell you my father             {01:13:04}who was the  topmost doctors used to do the operation with eye band means he used to put a band on the eyes and he used to do the operation in London. He said my father come on so and  so date,you have got a problem prostrate, I’ll operate you. He starts eating the vibhuthi, my mother says, already you have got a problem why you are having so much of vibhuthi every now and then. But he used to go on eating vibhuthi, vibhuthi. On that particular date he goes to the Hospital              {01:13:43} is not an ordinary doctor. Again he sees the X Ray and everything, sonography, no need for anything there is no problem for you. Why? It’s the devotion, you have to have devotion, single devotion, you don’t have to have devotion at different different places. If you have a  single point devotion there will be a one hundred percent reaction and blessings will come back to you in thousand times, a thousand times, means that force. Because nowadays we don’t see Bhagawan  physically. We think that there are some people around, some people like Swami, some people like, Of course if we have your Guru means family Gurus or something like that you are obvious you are supposed to go there. But those Gurus taking name of Bhagawan, wearing dress like Bhagawan, talking like Bhagawan, giving instructions like Bhagawan, something like Bhagawan, I think we should not deviate, should not go away from our Bhagawan because Bhagawan is Omnipresent. He is already there and He has been helping us ,guiding us, blessing us, what not He is doing even after His physical departure.

I’ll give you latest example, there are so many examples, in the past also happened but recently there was storm in Maharashtra. Out of 38 districts in 25 districts there is a problem storm, rain. ice what do you call,big ice one one kilo two two kilo ice hitting the farmers houses and everything farm.  And there is our devotees,who had come for Prashanthi seva during last week, last week because Maharashtra is doing Prashanthi seva from 1’st March to 15’th March,and those their house, everywhere those storm is there, everywhere rain is there, everything is there. But His place is intact. You imagine it cannot happen, when there is raining outside, will it not rain on the Sai Ramesh Hall? It happened, it happened past when Swami was here that time. Swami does this type of miracle. He takes care of his devotees, those poor farmers had come with that type of devotion to render their seva to Bhagawan. Because you don’t have to go and do the seva of Paada Namaskar or we have to go and do something physically to Him. Long back He had said this is not the only Bhagawan. I am in everywhere. I am in each particle of this Universe, and I am available everywhere and I can come out from photo also. There are sixteen kalas. Krishna had supposed to be sixteen kalas means Poorna Avatar. This is Maha Poorna Avatar. Because you pray with that intensity to Bhagawan,it has to appear here. Though He is there but He will appear here and He will help you. This is the seventeenth kala. What is the eighteenth kala? Whenever you are singing His glory, whenever you are having this Satsangh , Sadhana, He will appear and He will help you and He will guide you. He has guaranteed you, He has guaranteed you, that in this life only, I’ll take you to Moksha. Don’t wait whether you have money, you don’t have money ,whether you have education , whether you don’t have education, whether you are young, whether you are old, you are middle aged, no bar. You just follow me, Whatever the message I am giving you, you follow that message. I am giving you that guarantee that I will take you to Moksha. Again, not only the moksha, I will bring you back with me also whenever I take birth, I will take you back. What do you think that you are something great you had done? Because you were Vanaras during Rama avatar, must be we must have done something that time, Shirdi Avatara . That’s why He has brought us. Why not entire Bangalore has come here? When Bangalore is the place for Bhagavan , Puttaparthi  is the place for Bhagavan, so much in Bombay, everywhere, why everybody is not coming and take Blessings of Bhagavan?

I will give you one more story of Suresh Wadkar. What he told me, Suresh Wadkar, his friend one of the Doctor in Poona , good surgeon. He always used to have liquor, drinks, during operation also. He is a well known doctor. I don’t want to name him. He says, when he saw Swami, when Swami left on 24th April, He was in the casket, and that was shown in the TV that time. This man used to tell Suresh Wadkar “are kya tum Baba Baba kartaa hai , kya uske paas jaata hai, kya karta hai? That man when he saw that casket Swami in that casket, in that form, suddenly something happened to him and he decided to stop drinking, immediately calls up Suresh Wadkar Arre“ meine swamy ko TV pe dekha , aisaa hua hai kya? Mereme kutch to ho gaya , swami has done something for me from that casket through the TV to me, that I have changed myself. Changed, changed man. I just can’t believe. He told me the name that doctor and this just happened to the person. Whatever we are doing here, whatever we are in the college, wherever we are in the Organization, it is for our own transformation. Swami does not want anything from you. Swami does not want money, gift or anything. You become a good person , good devotee and follow His path. That is what He wants. That change. That transformation from childhood to aged. And I think if you succeed in this type of journey, definitely He is going to give you salvation. Definitely, because we have got a lot of desires, means I want to become an MBA, Finance, I must become a Doctor,I must become an Engineer, I must become so and so , I must have some spiritual knowledge, spiritual something. What for?  If you are doing Bhajans, if you are attending Sadhana Camp, if you are doing Service to lot of people, giving medicines to so many people, or feeding so many Narayanas, because Swami has said so, that’s why we have been doing so. With what intention? It is a very simple word he has given. “Love All Serve All”.And we are just says Love all Serve All, Love All Serve All. What is that Love All Serve All? Before serving, if you don’t love the person,  that your service is going to be a social work,it is a social activity. Ofcourse you are going to get a reward for that. It’s going to get a reward. But what reward He has come to give , that reward you may not get. Why, Why we should have another life for that? In this life itself He says I am here to give you salvation. You just follow my instructions. The Seva what we are doing it should be with Love. If you can’t see Bhagavan in Mother, brother everybody whoever is there, whenever I do service to that man or to mankind or for dog, if we don’t do with Love, when do we love him? You can love your mother, you can love your father, you can love your brother, you can love your wife, love your children . But what is that type of love it is ? There is some relation there is some blood relation. There is some expectation. But, Bhagavan wants us to Love each and everybody in the Universe. And how you will develop that love? Because He has given you. Whenever you do Bhajans, do that Bhajan from the Heart, not from the voice, not from that mind, that I am going to sing a very good bhajan today and I am going to please everybody , my Convenor and my everybody. No. You have to please HIM. It should come from within. Definitely He will come out.He will come out. He will get up from the chair and HE will Bless you. Definitely He is going to Bless you. So, that transformation for that Bhagavan has given His name to Sathya Sai Organization, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organization. Is it so easy? When Bhagavan is physically present to get such name to any Institution or any Organization? Why He has given? This is the highest boon to the mankind He has given to work under that one umbrella. There are different minds, different mindsets, there are different age groups. There will always be tussel, there will be always lot of misunderstandings or something like that. But, what is the goal? Our goal is Bhagavan. When you put Bhagavan in the centre , when Bhagavan is himself there, will you dare to raise any objection or anything? Because your thoughts are working, your heart is not working. When it starts working, you have to make a habit . You cannot put something into Love then into heart and then heart will function. No. It is already there. It is inherent. It will automatically come out. What you have to do? There are good and bad thoughts. Like farmers, simple farmers. How they do farming? They put the good seeds along with that lot of other jungly  things come along with the grains. So, he has to remove those jungly  things. All bad things he has to remove. He has to nurture, he has to put water. He has to put lot of things , he has to take care. Similarly, from the heart, so many things will come. What you have to take care is, of the good thoughts. Bad thoughts it is coming , just throw it out, coming, just throw it out. It will not be easy to do it in a one week , or one day or one month or one year. It is possible depending upon Bhagavan’s blessings on individual. But, you must go on trying and trying. You will definitely succeed because you will have to have a humble opening, humble approach, because now a days we think we are very qualified, or spiritually  very uplifted. All those  thoughts will not take you to Bhagavan. All those thoughts will have to remove from your mind. Actually they are not in the heart. They are in the mind. So, you have to take care. That’s  why Bhajans, it makes  mind clear. Sadhana, means Dhayanam, some Japam, all this, Nagar sankeertan, when you do Seva, you have to bend. Swami says Bend and do seva. Means ahankara. When you bend and put hand in pocket and put some money for the seva, for Tyag bhavana, that sacrifice, that develops. So, it is easy. But you have to have that path , you have to be on that path, and all those can be definitely be with Bhagavan all the time all the time because one might earlier State President is from Karnataka only Mr. K.R Rao. I always remember my Samithi convenor, I always remember my State President, all elderly people. He used to say You should have Anubandhan , 24 hours Anubandhan with Bhagavan and then he used to give explanation . It’s a long thing to explain. But you should always have 24 hours Anusandhan with Bhagavan. And that also you can do wherever you are doing studies, whenever you are doing any work , whenever you are eating or doing anything . You have to have always remembrance of Bhagavan. So, that is  the Anusandhan, 24 hours . I am here today. I would like to name Mr Shenoy and Mr. Gurudutt Bellur , who were my Convenors. They used to give a ring telephone at 4 o’clock and say get up, get up. We have to go for Nagarsankeertan. Then I used to get up and go. Yeh come back , again we have to go for this  seva. Yeh come back, again we have to go for this. So, like that I got so many good people behind me. Bhagavan had sent all those people after me and that’s  the credit I give to Him. I am very grateful and my gratitude to each one of you here. All those people are sitting here and those who are not here also like earlier our warden, Mr. Narasimhamurthy. I had occasion with everybody here all those sitting here and had a real real wonders with him. Because I could experience Bhagavan through each and everybody. Bhutiaji amma, I don’t know if she is here . At times when I had to have interaction with her also, I could really feel the presence of Bhagavan with her also. I have enjoyed my life . Now, I am not worried whatever happens to me because my family, my father also died last breath after the Nagar sankeertan after the Aarthi , after the glass, after the Vibhuthi in the Mandir, where he gave the land to that particular mandir at that time when he left his body, he was there, he merged with Bhagavan. So we have only one wish. Whenever such things are there, whenever Satsang is there, or wherever I am there , I don’t know how fortunate I am . But I think I am fortunate. Whenever I leave my this body, I would like to have atleast Swami’s name on my breath or on my tongue ,that is the my wish. That is the only I think I should  get that and really I tell you,you have not missed anybody ,you have not missed Bhagawan, He has not missed physical form or something.

There are so many more incidents Swami has appeared in His room after Samadhi. Swami has appeared in their room ,Swami has appeared in their Hospital, Swami has appeared in their village, means those villagers have not seen the Bhagawan physically. So Bhagawan has started giving Darshan.He is the Avatar,He is the only avatar,He goes to devotee. Do you think that we can go easily go to Him .He has chosen us He has selected us. He has identified us that’s why we are here. We are not that rich spiritually  or this thing, that He can give us this type of opportunity. So please do not that think that you have missed the opportunity. You have not missed. Bhagawan will appear here, is already there and He will give you the darshan physically also,sometimes, somewhere in some form, He will definitely give you. I can assure you, I can guarantee you. Guarantee is something not a good word, it is not a product wherein you can give a guarantee,but its your heart should call Him ,heart should call Him, intensity of your devotion should make Him come to you and that’s what I think we are expecting from each and everybody. We hope we will come to His expectation what He has been asking from us. And that should be our goal and I pray at Lotus Feet to bless each and everybody here and those who are not here also, please Bhagawan kindly  I request Bhagawan to Bless all of us, all of us,all of us .Sairam

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