Sri. M K Venkateshan – Samarpan Sep, 2014

Here is the video and transcript of the Samarpan talk given by Sri. M K Venkateshan at Brindavan in the month of Sep, 2014.

With pranams at the lotus feet, who was Guru, Guru of gurus, guru to the power of Infinity. “Sankata Harana Sri Sai Ramana, Pankaja Charana Namo Namo”. “Pankaja Charana Namo Namo” is salutations at the lotus feet. Today, I feel overwhelmed because it was my privilege, and Swami’s grace, that from February 1969 that I walked through that main gate. Today, at various times, in various groups, He has kept me going. Like an old model car for which spare parts will not be available. Swami, I cant even open my eyes because you are equal to a thousand suns. So, please help me. I take this as a pariksha(test) to which you are exposing me. Please see me through this. In this effort, I am encouraged by the fact that there are so many vayo vruddhas, Sheela vruddhas, yaga  vruddhas. People have served Swami for generations without even being noticed. Before them, I feel that it is a rare occasion for me to thank all of them for the role they have played because they came on at a time when even books were not available. So again I pray to Swami –

“Mookam Karothi vachalam, Panghum langayathe girim, Yath Krupa thamaham vande, Paramananda Madhavam”. Having said that, I am firm in my belief that in every Samithi, in every study circle, if you approach it in a spirit of humility and surrender, He is present. Due to limitation of our janma chakshush, we cant see Him in His physical form. But you can hold Him, what do you call it nowadays,  in  Demat form. So if share certificates can be held in demat form, so can He. I ts only your faith which limits you. And Shradhavan Labhathe gyanam prajwalitho gyana maya pradeepaha, these are quotes which Swami used to 7.33.


So having said that, I feel His presence. Infact by a co-incidence, now I am reading 2 shlokas of Bhagavath Gita every day. There is a diary, Bangalore Press diary, where he gives with the English translation.  What I was reading was the Kshethragya Vibhaaga  Yoga. Chapter 13,14 and 15. Swami used to repeat “ Sarvatah Pani Padam Tat Sarva tokshi kshiro mukham”. He is telling Arjuna, look here fellow I am present everywhere. So Kshethra is field. This is a magnetic field where the vibrations of Swami are there. We are like iron filings. We keep on getting dragged here . Like the prana vayu which you don’t see but which keeps you alive. Swami’s presence always feel it. Infact he gave a warranty “Jentane Ventane Kantane Untane”. Why do you think we cant see the body? That waranty has expired. His prema for us is so much that it will be there in this generation and your future lives also, provided you believe. The small policy you hold for that very comprehensive insurance,my dear friends, is a “pushpam patram palaptho ya” just think of him, write 4 lines of likitanama  naama japam. It’s a 9.27 approach, he has given you so many ways of doing sadhana. Having said that, its my duty to salute my parents, my uncles, my elder sister and generation of teachers who set an example of low living and high thinking, and whose faith in god kept them going. Need not be Sathya Sai Baba. I have seen ladies where the child is seriously ill. She will take a bath, and give a 1 rupee coin offering saying Swami 10.14. What is beyond me obviously 10.21. And that now psychologist will tell you that even in serious illnesses where lack of will power kills a person but they survive. And particularly this hall, I have had the privilege of seeing Kasturi. Incidentally, he was my lecturer in college. That time I never thought I would meet him. Mr Gokak, who was the Principal Karnatak College Dharwad, was my neighbor practically when I was the Assistant collector, Dharwad in 1954. Then ofcourse, Kotumb Rao, Justice Erady, I mean its only my memory which limits me, literally dozens. All those great souls were called to swamis mission and some of them dedicated their whole life to it. As baba used to say devotion is neither partial nor seasonal. Either you are a devotee or you are not. If you are a devotee, even when you are cooking, if you think you are preparing prasadam, 11.48. Now I also was fortunate to grow up in Bangalore in Vishweshpuram Basavangudi area where we had Sankara Mutt, Ramakrishna ashram, all sorts of temples. So we started going to temples, or temple compounds at a very early age. First there used to be a tap just inside the entrance to the temple to wash the feet. After football we used to wash the feet 12.24. And learned hari kathas. It is a pity that hari katha tradition has gone off, right upto Badri Keshudas to earlier generations of hari kathas. They did what is now a means of home delivery service. So a spiritual way of life they could yield a spark. The later, as an IAS professional, we were under training for 15 days at National Defence Academy, Dehradun. There I had the privilege of going to Rishikesh to meet Swami Shivananda.  And ofcourse swami Ranganatha., all these people. Sri Krishna says 4 typea of people come to me. Artha arthartho brahma jignaso gyani. As far as I am concerned, gyani part you can rule out. Strike off which ever is not applicable. Brahma jigyaso, good heavens, you ll have to be a rishi. Artha arthi swami has given enough to me without asking. It would be stupid to ask for more. Aartha, yes. It is whenever you have worry he is there. Now, having said this very briefly, because it is relevant to what comes a little later. I had heard about swami first probably in 1965 when I had come back from home ministry. We were staying in malleshwaram. Keshav Rao was state president for sometime. His wife is my mother’s younger sister. So they used to tell us “Hey Venkatesha, we are going to puttaparthi. You also go once.”Some how never occurred to this fellow . The say the call must come. He decides when who will come to Him. Then I let it pass. I had a lot of professional and family responsibilities. Then 1969 I was posted as collector of karwar. And we were there for sometime toward the end of 69. 1968 I remember it was July or August it was very heavy rainy season. We, in the Bombay Cadre, were required to do 20 days story with atleast 10 night halts. Rainy season it was 15.27 with minimum 5 night halts. So from Karwar I was doing a night halt in a place called 15.38 Belakiri. It’s a small port. No light no electricity. Normally, keeping petro max I used to sleep at 10 o clock at night. That day I was driving my car (Fiat), we dint have govt vehicle. I suddenly realized I had not carried my books. I had a very fine gentleman called Purudekar who was my PA. He said, 16.08 . As an old Bombay Cadre I knew marathi. 16.12. And would you believe it, he went to Vishwanath shettiar’s house. That is father in law of nagesh dhakappa. He was panchayat chairman. So he came in a black jeep he said 16.39. It was this soveneir of dharmakshetra, in may 1968 swami had a inaugurated. At that occasion, they were writing from some senior devotees. I read through this. Then a couple of months passed.and swami in his infinite grace decided to visit the north karnatik area. Starting with Dharwad where Dr. Adike was the vice chancellor. Earlier I knew dr. Adike because he was executive engineer in Kolhapur where I was the additional collector. But I dint know he was a sai devotee. So to prepare the ground for it, kasturi came along to karwar. May be September sometime. Then Naturally I requested him Sir if you will visit my house , after all you are my teacher. He said “What is there in that, I will come”. Earlier, he used to write plays for us to enact dramas in Karnataka sangha. And he told us quite a bit about swami. “ Do you know what?Nobody has told you?” I said “Manikyamma was telling” Kasturi said“Then why dint you go. The I said “ 18.24. I said somebody wants to feed you and you keep your mouth shut. He said, no no, he ll come. Then couple fo months later Mr. shettiar came to me. He was district sai samithi chairman. Very fine gentleman. Those people used to travel 2 nights and 3 days to reach puttaparthi from karwar those days. He said “Ok, if I come to karwar you should also come”. I said” I have always believed in god, so I welcome this opportunity.”And then Dr. Adike telephoned me and said” You have worked in Dharwad” I said I ll come. So then a date was fixed. Swami was to arrive in dharwad, and my children were very enthusiastic and I did not want to disappoint them. My district was 1 hour drive. I said we can easily go from 20.08 Yellapur and then from there to Dharwad. I was quite familiar with Dharwad. So they had prepared for it. And the day arrived. This is very important from here. It was to be deepavali day 1968 when that light came to my life. 2 days earlier, the CM planned an official trip, Mr. Veerendra Patil, who incidentally used to practice as an advocate when I was posted in 20.48 .  He was to come there and go to goa . Then I had read the saying swami considers work is worship duty is god. I said I cant leave my district without govt permission ,so some other time. Children were all very disappointed but they accepted. Therefore as a coutesy I rang up Dr. Adike, and I sent word to dr. Shetty also. Sayng sorry, I was planning to come there buts its not His will. Then would you believe it, I used to get up at around 4.30 – 5 those days and go for a walk. I was sitting in the front room of the house. A police wireless came. That wireless says CMs visit to Karwar cancelled. He will fly direct to Goa. I thought nothing of it. And I kept it. Then my daughter Gayathri said  “ Daddy have you seen this telegram?” Behind her no. 2 Ratna came then number 1 Meenakshi came who was in matriculation that time. I said “so what If CM is not coming?”” that means we can go to dharwad”. And my PA Purikar, he used to come with us . He also came in ,  and with his typical thing he said  “I think if your honour wants to go your honour can go. I said “ I don’t want my honour to go, but what your saying is Mr. Venkateshan should go”. Then also I did not consider. That inertia, inertia, inertia – I have not put petrol, I have not prepared, Swami will come at 11 am. The daughters said “Daddy, our picnic to Devgad also you cancelled.” You cant argue with a daughter. Especially I was not trained to argue at all. Because Lakshmi, my wife, soubhagyavathi who is here, with whom I have been married for 63 years, she is my mama’s daughter incidentally, she never raised her voice. Though I used to say all sorts of things to her even to this day. She said, “ Look don’t do this. 23.54). Sir, that is no problem Sir. 24.00 We will send a message to taisildar to put petrol. We can go sir. How many times we have gone for meetings to Belgaum. So in a good cause they bull dozed me and I am grateful. But I had not informed anyone. And Dhakappa had gone earlier. Manikyamma had told me about the sevadal that nobody crashes in just like that. Or goes for an interview unless He calls you. I dint know that if Swami wants it done, He will find a way. Who are you. So we drove. Then because I had not taken permission from govt to stay outside my district over night, I said what ever happens before midnight I must return to Karwar. I think its 220 kms. Ofcourse roads were fairly good. But there is a ghat section. So on the way I told Taishildar 25.24 arrival 8.40 . 25.40  There are 4 bathrooms, so each person can use a different bathroom. …what foolishness. Now I laugh at myself. They all know, I would never keep them waiting….26.02 So I drove off. Then I knew the way since Dharwad was familiar. I reached the gate of Dr. Vice Chancellor’s house almost around 11.30, quite warm it was. These children were saying when do we go in, why not we go in. I Said “ No, no, I am sorry. Upto here public have come 26.31” Then would you believe it a gentleman called Narke who was an assistant engineer in Dharwad where I had served much  earlier in 1954, he said “Why are you standing here”. He had come from Bijapur to see Swami. 26.54 Then he spoke to some sevadal people and said” Look, they have come from Karwar”. “Come and stand near the portico”. So they allowed us to go upto portico. Then from the portico the door opens, open courtyard, other side of the court yard Baba was sitting, as I noticed. He stood there and they asked if I want water. 2 mins later “Who is Mr. Venkateshan from Karwar” sevadal volunteer asked . Then my children said here. I cant be the only Venkateshan from Karwar. He went in. 2 mins later he said Baba is calling Mr. Venkateshan who is collector of karwar. Then I said as far I as I knew there was only 1 collector, we dint have additional collector. So then they said Daddy go daddy go. So the sevadal person took me there. Swami was talking to somebody, he turned round. Venkatesha, vasthuaa? Telsu, nee vasthavunte. I had knowledge of a little telugu coz I grew up there. I was gone even when I faced my do or die IAS interview. Then he immediately said 28.45. Baba said “The moment I called you, you forgot your wife and children” 29.06 Then he told a lady, Lakshmi, Meenakshi, Ratna Gayatri Nagendra are there. Call them. So there I am sure Gayathri would have over taken the others. Come come before they change their mind . Swami how will he change his mind. “Come mother” They were standing just inside.”Come this side”. Then he said “Sit here” and he made me sit at His feet. Which I did without question. He said “ Good you have come” Then they were having an argument.Best way to get the maximum out of Swami in the 30.03. He immediately told somebody there “Venkatesha has served in most of the districts” Then Swami came to our 30.13 . Then 5 o clock I wanted to leave. So he asked me after tea when I took leave of him “How much time will you take to reach Karwar?” 11.45 Then I said “get in get in” Would you believe it when my car had just turned out of the gate, Gokak later told me and laughed that swami told “ when this venkatesha fellow says He reaches. There is a block in the ghat road. I am protecting him. What will happen. “ he said he will go above the ghat to ellapur go inside for the bathroom thought hat car has done 300 kms it will refuse to start. Then he will shout at his wife he will shout at everybody he will go to the mirror shout at himself. Car wont start. And then the children will fall asleep. Will be there only. In the morning he will go safely.” And he had told me I will come to you house and stay. It was the following day I had a clear 31.42. It happened exactly like that.They brought a mechanic then we were asked not to park the car in the portico. So in the morning, if somebody else comes, we ca push the car. I thought, anyway they are pushing the car, let me put it in gear. Turn the ignition and start. It started. Then without switching off I said get in get in before it stops. We reached. Next day I received swami in ankola . First we went to Mr. Shettiar’s house. Swami talked to the family and they were old devotees. Then I think there was a function in that school. Where mrs. Dhakappa we have seen as a school girl. Then we went off to karwar where he came to the house. There was a function on the beach jala samudra jala samudra. He addressed in kannada. Then we came home. Then Lakshmi was busy in the kitchen. There were only 2 big bedrooms off the main hall. The police hall room was vacated and shettiars agreed to stay in that room. We had told him I surrender to you I don’t know how to make any arrangements . Please you make arrangements. Swami has come to our house  33.18…Then swami went into that room freshened and came out. There was a jhoola there. Suddenly we said where is swami. Swami is sitting on the jhoola. One of my son or somebody was there and the others were crowding around. Then, I said 34.01….I will push. He puts one of my children and pushes the jhoola and he said venkamma used to push me like this when I was a child. I said what grace what grace. And then said Swami we don’t know how to look after you. If anything is there wrong, please forgive me. He said “ I am there no”. Later he had told me once when my wife had gone to delhi children were not there . I am alone in the house….34.44….in this very hall he has asked me. Then night he retired after dinner.

Early morning I used to recite venkatesha suprabatham, I dint know this suprabatham. So on our side I opened the door just outside the corridor we had kept the photo of baba which kasturi had given, then other gods. As I started the suprabatham, Then swamis door opens. Then I thought swami wants something. Hot water. Swami was standing in the white robe inside which on birthdays he wears. He had just shaved I think. Little soap was thing. Ey, come. Then I said obviously, if he says come, it cant be sevadal because they would not do a thing… 35.52. So I recited venkatesha suprabatham looking at his feet. And after that also he was telling take namaskaram. Then ofcourse food was there and when he left, he said why, no photo is there? Kasturi had told me without his permission you cant photograph. . So I had not . no swami I dint tell. Then he tells one of the sevadal “that first hairpin bend is there no. , it was on a hill top. There one photographer is there. Call him. “ so he took a photograph. And the district judge whose bunglow was half way down the hill  family group he said. That is myself, Lakshmi and the four children. The district judge stood behind me. When the photo was developed you believe it he was not there. So he was there in the negative. Was he in the final print? The answer is in the negative. No. So the control over the pancha bhootas, unless he wills it, nothing can happen. Then he left. Thereafter, ofcourse, the next thing that happened was in brindavan. The first time we came, there was a pond there in 1969. Brindavan ashram started in 1964. Bhajans stared here in 1968. 1969 the circular shed was built. There was a tree there. So when I first came kaka sahib dixit I knew. Dr dixit his wife they were in a small cottage. Open space sands. Swami was here in that old buiding 38.08 So he gave us darshan and 2 or 3 things which happened in brindavan. One of them concerns my grand daughter Soumya. First daughter’s daughter who is now a United nations employee. She was a precaucious child. Earlier my daughter incidentily swami had told me whenever you want come inside. But I used to stand near the gate. Chandramohan’s father Mr. Krishnan used to be there. 38.56. Swami asked, do you want to say something. There is nothing that you do not know swami. “Do you want anything?” Swami, you know what I want. You know what I need. Give me what I deserve. Your grace. That is enough. But I made one exception when my first daughter lost her child. She went into a sort of shock. So we brought her here from Desai nursing home. 39.35Then he immediately called her and told her “Nothing happened. Next year you ll come. Good girl 39.44”and would you believe it Soumya arrived. From Desai nursing home I came here, “Girl is born, desai nursing home”. Before I could open my mouth He told me. Then much later we brought Soumya here, to the old building. There was an arch there. Ladies used to be on that side, we would sit on that verandah. Beofre she came, my wife and my daughter told her, “Don’t talk when Swami comes” to the 4 year old child. Swami came and went to the ladies side. And he probably asked Prabha Sridharan  “How are you?”. This girl goes and pulls the robe “Shhh…see Baba” She shows the photograph. I was sitting in the verandah. He came and said” you only being magistrate did not make noise. She has issue stay order to Baba’ . Sense of humour. 41.12… “Children are like god. She thought suddenly this man is talking and needs some guidance. Then my daughter used to avoid, hoping that swami will not come near her. He is kshama murthy. Kshama murthy sai baba, prema murthy sathya sai. Then next year she said, Swami her name is Sahana. He said Soumya Sahana. He had predicted the 2nd daughter also later.


Once how as a host, if they take human form they must have some 42.14. Mr. govind Narayan was the governor. Earlier in home ministry he was my boss. He was later chief secretary, a very distinguished post. Orginially devotee of anandamayi, later swami. Swami had gone to their house number of times in Delhi. So Chandra govind Narayan were very good to us. We had a bhajan in raj bhavan when swami came there, we had a group. My wife we all came together. We were facing swami. Then I came along with the governor. Suddenly Lakshmi was missing. Chandra govind Narayan had told “Come fast come fast, baba is standing here”. In a hurry, she kept her footwear on. Once she missed the group, very rightly sevadal ppl said “don’t go, that’s the governor group”. So she was standing there. Swami immediately showed his finger asked her to come. My wife ignored. Swami said “call her here”. Swami asked Chandra govind narayan “So far you have come with together, why did you leave her now?”. Swami would not go up. Govind Narayan was also standing. He said “today you are presiding, so adhyaksha should first go and take his chair. Then only he came up. In super speciality inauguration, He helped Vajpayee up the dias. He said “ Come. You are elderly.” That was His love.


Next experience is – Towards the end of my service I was posted in Bombay 44.33 .I got cancer. We were only 2 – Lakshmi and I. When the bleeding started, we had planned a trip to badrinath. Next day we were to go to Delhi, and from there to Badrinath. Son was in final year mba. We dint tell the children because they would get shocked, nor did we tell my mother. At that time my son in laws sister got married in Bangalore. I had to go to Portugal , and they had said we cant start radiation till the wound heals. I said let me go to Portugal. It was very cruel of me. I should have thought of my wife. I told my wife to go to blore. She went by train. Then she asked my younger brother Srinivas, he is a very mobile person, its only here I think he sits in once place. He is a wonderful fellow. She asked him” Can you take me to brindavan?” My 2nd daughter was here, my mother and Lakshmi. They came to the hall. Lakshmi was sitting at the back. Swami straight comes to her. On one side my mother and daughter are there, on the other side srinivas’ wife. Swami asked “Where is Venkatesha?”. She said “ Swami, he has gone to Portugal”. “ I know, I know, how is he? . He knows about it. Unfortunately Lakshmi could nt tell him about it as his mother and daughter were next to her.  “All will be fine. Don’t worry at all. I will take care of him”. And it went into remission promptly . I responded to treatment. If it had spread to the lymph nodes it would have been very tricky.

Finally I would like to say something which happened in puttaparthi. First time we went for shivaratri. My elderly parents, father in law were there. At that time penukonda was the only petrol pump. I had filled in enough petrol . I don’t know if the engine over heated, right after lingodbhavam . At that place where I had to take a right turn, I took a left turn towards kadiri. It looked very unfamiliar. It went on and on. I ran out of petrol. Night nobody was there and no electricity. Then finally some body said” where are you going”. “Penukonda””penukonda is that side, where are you going?” Petrol exhausted, just 5 kms short of penukonda. Elderly people, leaving the car in the jungle and going. Then would you believe it, a block development officer was returning to Penukonda at 11 pm at night. Normally I thought average govt servants its difficult for them to work beyond 5 pm in the evening. He said, “ what happened sir, any problem?” Ofcourse I told him. “Then you can do one thing sir, you come with me in the jeep.” And he left his driver there, and he drove. We woke up the petrol pump fellow, he took a can and said” I will drive you back”. I am convinced that it was swami who came to my rescue.


Then 1984, what happened between 1977 and 1984, we had bhajans in different residences. One was in my house, another in a very senior devotee called Dr. Ayya, then venkatraman’s house, in sai gitanjili, my own brother and his wife. We had not informed swami. We took a van. Because that time I got transferred to Bombay, sundar rao also got transferred. We broke up then. Washington Subba rao was a member of that group. We decided to go for darshan. Then morning darshan had just ended. We said “ let us see darshan” we stood outside the compound, swami was moving around. After swami went upstairs in the old building , somebody asked “sir, are you from Bangalore, the bhajan group, Dr. Ayya, Venkateshan?”I said “yes”. Then come this way sir, your accommodation has been arranged. Those 2 round buildings had just come up. He had arranged accommodation there, and He sent word, let them rest. 4 o clock sevadals came. He had sent muruku, coffee in flasks. They said evening swami will give you interview. If you want meals also we ll serve here. I said “ No no, meals we will go to the canteen” They put a screen and served us separately on a table. We saw swami. I asked swami “what is this swami” He said” I know you are coming, should nt I take care of you?” I asked why muruku. He said “ in the earlier days, if a taisildar comes, 2 sweets, pakodas. This is nothing”. I said in every piece of that I see your love. I was very over whelmed. Then he called us for interview. We all went in. he spoke to us for about 1.5 hours. Dr.Ayya were very elderly devotees. He made fun of him. He had a very old car. He said can I give you a lift swami, I would say I am in a hurry and walk and go because that car would stop. Divine will cannot make up every time no? Then he asked if everyone was fine. At the end of it, there were tears in my eyes. He said, don’t be sad. Where ever you are attend bhajan. I did padanamaskar. Then he said, just one moment, show your hand. Once or twice for speaking in class when my teacher asked me show your hand in class, I had been caned. Don’t get scared. Then he waved his hand, piping hot ladoos, my hand was red for 2 days. Unlike civil servants I am not think skinned unfortunately. Then he materliased this ring. Everytime I sing a bhajan in sai gitanjali I look at the ring. And I relive that memory. Such was the grace, and he said “ everything will happen”. Then he said sing for 20 years. That 20 years came to an end sometime in may. Then I was wondering why did he tell 20 years, will I not be there after 20 yrs. Then by a co-incidence we came here on 20th may, I also sang a bhajan with other 2-3 devotees. After I went he told gangadhar Shetty “venkatesh is still singing?” Gangadhar announced it in sai gitanjali that evening. “let him sing, let him sing” . Then I said, 54.58.

In the end, I would like to tell you, there is a photograph in my pooja room. In my sisters house, in a calender, Krishna and Balarama,  viciously eating curds. Balarama was the fairer of the 2, Krishna in neela megha shyama and a part has spilled. So once when swami came to our house in 1977, I think mr.suresh was one of the singers who came there. Then the bhajans were over. He spoke to everyone. Then he suddenly saw swami had moved away. He saw that in that same place dinner had to be served. If He was sitting there, nobody would move away. In the pooja room he was looking at this particular photograph. The fool that I am, I said, krishnadu balaramudu, . He said, no no, the dark one is Krishna. See how much mischief he does. And he started “Chitta chora yashoda….” People said they were waiting for dinner, how come bhajan has again started. I remember that time Lakshmi was serving him. He was a very poor eater. He used to eat very small quantities. In puttaparthi after a devious adventure I was forced to go there. Some senior ics officer forced me to go there. I said we have to start at 4 o clock and at 6 o clock he was not even ready. We just missed swami in puttaparthi. Then he said, overtake, I said nobody over takes swami, we ll follow. Baba had already told people Venkatesh will come. Somebody said “But he hasn’t come yet”. “ Ayyo, he e has got somebody from puri, from morning he is only eating Puri. This fellow cant leave him 57.53” Then his car passed, and I was sitting in the front seat and swami laughed and said what is this? People in His car asked him what will venkatesha do. He said he is my follower, he ll follow me. Luckily we found out that he is going for a meeting in anantapur, womens college. So we sheepishly followed him. We stopped our car outside the gate and we were waiting because nobody knew us. Swami from the portico of that college walked towards us 58.45 then he called me, now that one officer and one man is here, we ll say function. Vana mahotsavam 59.05 but unlike your govt vana mahotsava each of these will come up. He asked me to plant one tree. And he said everytime you go on tour to raichur or this side you will see it growing taller, which was a fact. Then we walked towards the portico. He knew I was starving , from morning I had not had breakfast. Then he called prabha sridharan, who was there having a camp, takes out his own tiffin carrier , swami’s lunch had been packed, and he gave it to her. He said, he is starving. coming from far. Give him food. What grace! Every meal I eat he is giving me. And then he called her back white onion is good, but venkatesha doesn’t like. So take out the chutney.See the care! So when he came to our house Lakshmi said swami take little more. Then he turned to me and said Lakshmi calls me sai rama but treats me like sapad rama. She blushed. He said” Amma, your devotion is my food”. What words! Others cant survive only on vacuum.

So, lastly so many things he had said, money is a good servant but a bad master, blood pressure should not be high. Blood and money should be circulated. Once bhajans were sung by anoop jalota and purushottam jalota in that verandah of the old building. Both sang magnificently. Then he told me Anoop better singer. Purushottam better devotee. Because he was trying to impress me, being a young man, with 16 variations. Especially where bhajans have to be followed line by line singing a complicated line or a very long line, how will members of the public follow? So he had a lesson for everybody. And he said that chair if you visualize it you are there. The old days “Gnana vasthitha thad gatena manasa, pashyanthi yam yogino” we are not of that stand. If you have faith that I am there, I am there. He himself as a body, had to undergo surgery, pain, he said that comes with the territory. So you will also suffer your prarabdha karma but like the anesthesia during surgery I will make it bearable. As I said, swami’s sense of humour. Once I met him near that gate my 1.03.03 just like that on the moon, he was one of the fellows on the moon. Face looked familiar I must have seem him in a magazine. I could not place him. I dint even know he was in brindavan. Then along swami came, he spoke to me. He said what news. Do you know who this is. No swami. “He goes wherever the road is not there. He has written some book.” He had written a wonderful book outer space and inner peace. So I was taken aback. He was standing there, and said this is what swami said. He said: its very gracious of him sir. I have only travelled to one planet. But we believe he created all those planets. So he was earlier and bigger. So I remind myself when I think I am big, what am I? As I said, one thing I have realized. His full glory as kanakadasa said swami, adishesha with thousand tongues or narada manasaputra to Brahma, cannot do justice to you in singing your praise. What about this poor dasa? Shouldn’t even try.  Baba used to say you are baba, I am Baba, I know it, you don’t know it. Baba is the finished product. There cant be something faster than the speed of light. Once in auditorium there was a talk. Jayaraman was the vice chancellor. Where is swami? Where is function? Would you belive it, he was standing at the back of the auditorium and asking somebody to speak in the mike to test if the mike is working. That is the thoroughness he brought, punctuality. Kalaya namaha, kalakalaya namaha. In the Vishnu sahasranama, vishva murthy maha murthy deepta murthir ramurthiman, aneka murthy ravyaktaha shatha murthy shathanaha. Here baba is present. Shata murthihi – 1000 faces. Life is an interval between 2 great events in your life over which you have no control. One is your birth and death. You cant decide how long you will live. But you can certainly decide how you will live. So let us know control the things we can. In management also we tell people, enthusiastic youngsters to pray to God, Oh god, give me the strength to change the things I can, give me the humility to accept the things that I cannot change, and the wisdom to know the difference. “There are things we can change, we don’t even try. We foolishly try to change things which we cant change. It is like putting your car in neutral gear and pressing the accelerator. Nothing will happen. So vivechana shakthi. Yukta ayuktha parigyana. Above mind and intellect, to distinguish between priorities. You cant do everything at the same time. So which do you do first. That is life.

Once Mr. Dhakappa’s brother in law was sitting in the verandah along with us. He had just done his engineering. He casually came and asked what is the meaning of abala? He said ‘Ladies.’ Wrong. Swami said you are all abalas. I am sabala. He said, I thought I was anatha, I have no master. You all have a natha . 1.09.08 . So how can anybody be anatha, whether you deny god or not, he is there. I could hear the hostel boys, who have left the house for the first time when the college started. Swami had made fun of him “ he is there no, last in class. But in mess table first.” He twisted his ears. Then he asked swami, swami are you doing your homework. Swami said, even today, in every home there is work for me.

Swami had come for inauguration of sai gitanjili. I was sitting below, bhajans were in the adjoining room. He went up the dias. Padmanabhan, the great devotee that he is, he just announced we will do daily bhajans. I was not singing in sai gitanjali at that time, I dint know the fire power. 1.11.01. Then he came down and said “ what venkatesha, he is saying everyday bhajans are there, is it possible?”. I said swami if your grace is there, if You will it, nothing is impossible. He said typical IAS reply. Put everything on my head. Earlier in that dias, how humourously he had said. 1.11.46…the talk will be only of food. Then you go to a Vaidyalaya, that is a hospital.1.12.29. So you will only be talking about imaginery things. 1.13.01. Except God it’s a stock exchange of all sorts of difficulties, worries and gossip. In old days the village well used to be a venue. 1.39.58. So I am grateful that we have taken Swami’s warning and at the physical age of 85, swami has given me the energy today to sit here and along with you go over all the past. It has made me feel younger, and specially the youth and alumni. Infact, I got a cassette Bridge across times. I said look, bhava raga tala, without bhava a bhajan is like a paper flower. The real thing comes in the 1.15.06 . Its an act of surrender. Yogi’s union. So when you sing a bhajan, don’t bother,  you think only baba is listening. You will not go wrong. That is the softest option. Then people asked Why sir, we can sing bhajans at home , why should we go to samithi ? Satsang! About the great Tukarama, they say 1.15.53. It all started with a role model, a satsang. Some of them say parking problem. Then I said, our  Elder borther Mr. Venkateshaiyya , he comes driving from Banshankri. So atleast till I reach Venkateshaiyya’s age, it is obviously possible. Why do you see people who give up easily? That doesn’t mean you walk in the middle of the road without break in your car. No. Whole of life is a journey. Even the Sun, uttarayana, Dakshinayana. From this there is not palayana. You have to accept. One morning you will wake up sleepy, another morning after 3.30 you cant fall asleep. That time count upto 10, breath slowly. Then say swami it is alright. Or as we say, today is the tomorrow you are so afraid of yesterday. If it is the lord’s will that you die tomorrow better not know about it, because you will start dieing today itself.


In conclusion, don’t assume everything. Take precautions. Slow down a little but not totally. Surdas was blind but swami gave him vision. It would be appropriate to close and I am glad, I would have mentioned it in any case. The great story of parikshit. When bhagavatha vahini came out, it came in sanathana sarathi . Swami started with the introduction “ what government? For males no maternity leave.earned leave, casual leave, half pay leave, for those who don’t work why should they be paid half pay 1.18.38. So what about your heart. 21600 times. It rests between 2 beats. That is why you have diastolic and systolic. Lab dub lab dub. Brain works overtime. No servicing, no need to change, no need to charge like cell phone. Pranamaya kosha, annamaya kosha. Through your food, it derives energy. Each beat is taking you nearer to your end. It may be 21000 into more than 100 like Vishweswaraiyya. Some people die in their teens like mandolin Srinivas. 1.19.42 I was presiding in shankaraiyya hall long ago . He was a young genious. It was lord’s will. Now, because you don’t know he did not collapse.1.19.58 it is like saying without seeing your exam question paper not going to the examination hall itself, in which case you are sure to fail. It is better to go there an fail. Atleast some question may be simple. Parikshit accepted death gracefully. Subadra, being Krishna’s sister, Abhimanyu got both the genes , and this was the son. He was called Parikshit because as a child he was asking questions. As soon as he was crawling Krishna came. He just crawled towards Krishna. So swami used to cite that. There are regular foundations. Sudarshan kriya, which is art of living foundation. Has anybody started the art of dieing foundation. Bhagavatha tells you  how to accept death gracefully. You can spend your last days seeing/hearing about this and that. But think only of God, even in death. For that also, whether you remember him at the time of death, even Krishna says in Bhagavad Gita  , you will get moksha. That also is the will of God. So swami used to say, there was a great devotee who went to some real Guru. He told him how to remember you swami at the time of death? He told name your sons god’s names – Rama Narayana Krishna govinda. 4 sons. One of them will be there when you are on your death bed. So the time came. The four sons were lined up. This man remembered that advice. He said rama, Krishna govinda Narayana 1.23.11. Died. So he died thinking of the shop. So let us leave this punya bhoomi thinking of our lord. Just as the cow chews the cud. As swami used to say, every bhajan has a meaning. Govinda rama jai jai Gopala rama, durlaba rama jai jai sulabha rama. What is durlaba sulabha at the same time. Next line gives the answer. Ek tu rama jai jai aneka tu rama. If I see rama in everyone, ramas are walking in front of your house. The single rama you have to go to the temple to see. So we are all mirrors reflecting the sun, that is divinity. Lets us try not to be cracked mirrors. Because sun is the sun, and the image gets distorted. In that swami used to tell us 1.25.02.Anger is not bad. He used durvasa’s anger to protect the pandavas.  Pandavas were hiding. So Krishna thought of a 1.25.25 . He came to sage durvasa and said sir, I want you to do me a favour. He said , swami whatever you tell, you are Narayana. Krishna said, dig a pit. I will ask the pandavas to hide there. Put a plank on it, 1.22.52. Kauravas  will come and ask have the pandavas come here.  You pretend as if you have not seen them. He said, why are you making me tell lies. Krishna told him don’t tell lies. But tell the truth in your style. So along came the kauravas. They asked “swami, do you see pandavas here?” . I don’t see them. “ But swami, they had come here”. Then am I sitting on their heads? The moment he said that, they took to their heels, So durvasa did not tell a lie. Latest sanathana sarathi also general mahadevan has written a memoir. With my limited understanding of swami, I don’t pretend to have done justice to even 1/100th of the opportunity given to me. The limitations are entirely on my side. There are so many people, but that is not a matter of regretting. Try to take every failure as a challenge, as an opportunity. As long as in this game of snakes and ladders, you are no worse tomorrow than today, it should be good going. Don’t have the slide back. Hold on to it. And in holding steadfast, remain an honest govt servant. If you cannot have what you want, please starting wanting what you have. And what you have is tremendous. Vedanta itself says I was crying I have no shoes till I met a fellow who had no legs. So what god has given you is plenty. Take the best of it. With this, please follow me in a short bhajan “ charana kamala vando sai nath ke….” I salute the baba in each of you. Sairam.

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