Sai Ram,

By the grace of Bhagawan,Prashanthnagar and Chandra Layout samithis with associate bhajan mandalis conducted a week long Sprititual Sadhana Sapthaha with the theme: SAI VALUES IN DAILY LIFE.from Monday the 15th of May to Sunday the 21st May 2017.

There were Omkaram, Suprabatham,Nagarsankirtan every day early morning from 5.15 am

and the daily evening programmes were filled with Veda, Bhajans and special talk on Sai Values in daily life:

The following were the topics that were covered by the speakers:

Monday- Importance of Human birth

Tuesday- Importance of Truth

Wednesday- Sense Control

Thursday- Ego Management

Friday- Glory of Woman hood

Saturday- Patience and Forgiveness

All the speakers were dealt on Bhagwan’s discourses on the above topics.

Valedictory of the  Sapthaha was conducted on Sunday the 21st May 2017 at the Prashantha Ganapathi temple auditorium.There was a presentation of the report on the activities of Sapthaha by the convener followed by rendering of Sai Pancharathna Kritis and a drama on “Inner Happiness” based on the message of Lord Buddha.

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