Medical camp was organised and 90 + 40 = 130 persons were benifitted. On this occassion 90 eye patients were tested and 40 dental. Free spectacles were distributed for 50 patients, Free medicines were given to 15. 50 people were tested for blood sugar. There were 7 follow up patients who had to visit mentioned hospital for further treatment.

Blankets were distributed for the homeless by Mangalore Samithi.

35th year of butter milk distribution at Kadri temple

Annual day of Balvikas was conducted by Mangalore Samithi.

On this occassion, Prajesh K was presented with certificate for Balvikas pre seva dal, Group 2 as he stood first place at State level.

Water bed was donated to the deserving patient with bed sores at government hospital

Akhand Bhajan at Mangalore Seva Kshetra

Medical camp was organized at Manjeshwar.

During this camp
51 People were treated for Dental problems
319 General
183 did their eye checkup
116 checked their Random Blood Sugar level (RBS)
100 People were given free opticals
90 patients were given free medicine
27 patients were asked to follow up to hospital for further treatment.

Fruits and Sweets were distributed at Vidyajyothi schools on the occassion of Bhagwan’s birthday. In the school there were 75 children and 9 teachers.

Medical camp was organized at Sootherpete in Mangalore

During this camp
82 people had their Dental checkup
254 people went through general checkup
118 had their Random Blood Sugar level checked
53 people donated blood
104 people had their eye checkup
Free opticals were distributed to 40 people
Free medicine were given to 53 patients
9 patients were asked to visit hospital as follow up for further treatment

One of our Vidya Jyothi school children (25 children with 5 teachers) from sulliya, Kathamangala school, visited Mangalore Samithi. They enjoyed singing bhajans in mandir.

Mangalore Samithi balvikas children went for a Spiritual Picnic to Pavanje Jnanashakthi Subramanya Temple. 68 balvikas students and 31 Gurus & parents participated

3000 food packets were distributed in slums, vridhashrams,orphanages as part of Bhagwan’s 92nd birthday.


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