Loving Sairam,

A very interesting and touching talk was presented by Sri. Bishu Prushty, Radio Sai, Prashanti Nilayam on Swami’s pet elephant- Sai Gita on Saturday Jan 7th 2017.

We had the rare opportunity of listening to and experiencing the relationship between a jivatma and paramatma through the story of Sai Gita that was so nicely narrated by Sri. Bishu. The narrative covered from the day young Sai Gita came under the Divine influence of Bhagawan till the time of its leaving the body. The Love that Swami showered on this animal is an example of devotion of an animal to the Lord and equally the Lords response to its devotion.

Approximately 92 people were present.

Photos of the event are at: https://www.flickr.com/gp/91743483@N08/3st614

Some glimpses of the event


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