With  the immense grace of Bhagawan, a Sai Festival Exhibition was conducted at Sri Sai College for Women, Rajajinagar in Bangalore West District. This in fact is the second exhibition conducted in the district. It was organised by Subramanyanagar, Rajajinagar 1st Block and Srirampuram Samithis.

The objective of the exhibition was to create awareness of Bhagawan’s Message, His Projects, as well as the  activities of the organisation:

The following were the pavilions at the exhibition:

  • Hospital Project
  • Education Project
  • Water Project
  • Vidya Vahini
  • Educare
  • Spiritual activities of our district
  • Service activities of our district
  • Bal vikas activities of our district
  • Bal vikas Value Games
  • Audio Visual display on Bhagawan

Work started a fortnight ago, when the posters announcing the exhibition was displayed in all the schools and colleges and temples in the vicinity of the venue. Students from the  Sai College for women visited the exhibition on the 13th August which was followed by students from Panchajanya School. Students from Arya Seva sharama also witnessed the exhibition.

Sai Literature- Books and CDs etc. were also made availble  for the benefit of devotees

All the visitors were shown the video on Hospital which was very well received by all.

There was devotional singing programme by the members of the samithi everyday from 6 to 7 pm.

It was BalVikas students to rendered on the 13th, Mahilas rendered on the 14th and Gents offered their songs on the 15th August.

There were wonderful feedback received from all the visitors. There were also quite a few new devotees who witnessed the exhibition…

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