On 8th July,2017  on the occasion of Gurupurnima Youth members of Bangalore Central District organized a Dental and Eye Check up Camp at the SSSVJ Ambedkar Proudha Shala in Kodihalli, Indiranagar.

Around 150 students of all classes from I Standard to X standard were checked for Eye as well as Dental problems. Two Dental Surgeons Dr.Mrs.Varsha Rohra and Dr.Arun Kumar and Eye Surgeon Dr.Naresh Rohra checked all the children.

Five Mahila Youth and Eleven Gents youth members of the District took part in this Camp. Ten Faculty members of the School also helped in coordinating the Children’s movements to and fro the different locations of Check up.

Summary Of the Activity:

Last year a General check up was done for all the 230 children of the School and each child was given a booklet with name and Class labelled and the Doctors recorded their diagnosis and prescribed medicines in the Record  book itself.

The observations of the Dental and Eye surgeons were noted in the same Record book so that the Children’s health history is visible to any Doctor reviewing the case history.

The Eye Surgeon Dr.Naresh Rohra was assisted by our Central District youth to do the preliminary check for identifying the reading disabilities if any using  EYE POWER TESTING CHARTS.

Out of the 150 students, 3 students need Spectacles and around 45 students needed Dental follow up treatment. Out of these 48 students for Dental 6 students need root canal treatment and the rest require fillings and scaling. The youth members in coordination with the parents, teachers and Doctors are working to arrange the next level of treatments.

Required Medicines and Eye Drops were provided for the Camp bySai Darshan Medical Camp team headed by the Convener.


Overall the Camp was a great success. The purpose of SSSVJ  to bring the youth together and involve them in group activities, was achieved through this camp and the youth were fully energized.



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