From 18th April to 22nd April, Balvikas children from Mangalore Samithi with Balvikas Guru and Parents participated in Parthi Yatra. Total 60 members were there in the group, among them 16 Girls, 10 Boys & 5 Gurus and 29 Parents.

They had Samadhi Darshan, visited Swami’s Parents Samadhi, Shiva, Anjaneya, Dattatraya temple, Chitavathi river, Kalpavriksha, Super speciality Hospital, Museum, Planetarium. They also attended Suprabhatham & Nagar sankeerthanam.


Overall they had a wonderful Darshan & blissful journey. All of them felt Swami’s presence throught….


They expressed their Gratitude to Swami for having called them to Parthi and have His Darshan. They also expressed their sincere thanks to all Samithi elders for their whole hearted support & encouragement.

Jai Sai Ram

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