At Mangaluru, on 23rd as a preparation for Maha Narayana Seva all the Sevadal, Balvikas Children were involved in vegetable cutting, decoration and necessary arrangements for the programme.

On 24th, the day started with cooking of Prasadam for Maha Narayana Seva after offering prayers to Bhagawan at 5 am for 3000 people.

After hoisting of flag at 7 am Samithi members started neatly packing Prasadam in Aluminium foil. The Sevakshethra was vibrant with all Samithi members engrossed in seva with constant namasmaranam, veda chanting and bhajans.

After packing, sevadal with balvikas children went to allocated area in groups to distribute prasadam.

From Dakshina Kannada district Maha Narayana Seva was offered to total 4613 Narayanas including 15 Orphanages, Vridhashrams, Seva Kshetra of various Samithi’s and Gramsa Seva Kendra.

Maha Narayana Seva Prasad was conducted hygienically, nutritiously and sumptuously. Offering at the Lotus Feet of Dear Lord.


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