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AT KODAIKANAL : MAY 12 & 13, 2018.

The first State Level Spiritual Sadhana Camp was held on  12 & 13th May, 2018 at Sai Shruti, Kodaikanal, as resolved at the All India Spiritual Sadhana Camp held at Pardeep, Orissa. 108 State Office-bearers, District Presidents, Active workers and their spouses participated.
Participants reached before 6.00 PM on 11th May and participated in the Bhajan at the abode of the Lord Sai. After Registration, they  were provided with programme sheet, note pad and pen and Naam Likitha Japam book. Most of the participants immediately commenced their Likitha Japam. It will be part of their Sadhana.
State President and State Coordinators briefed the participants about the programme, discipline to be maintained and strict adherence to the Sadhana camp schedule.
Sai Gayatri was chanted at 9.00 PM by the participants  on both the days at their respective centres.
DAY ONE::The programme on the first day commenced with Aumkaram, Suprabatham, Jyoti Meditation and Pranayama lecture demo.
Welcoming the participants, Sri.Dhakappa, State President said that it was the unique privilege to hold the Sadhana programme in the sacred abode of Swami. He also mentioned that Sri.Ramani was instrumental in the programme to be held at Kodaikanal and how he extended full support in providing all the facilities. He also informed that Sri.Ratnakar (Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust) and Sri.Nimish Pandya (All India President) have sent their best wishes for the Sadhana Camp.
The programme was inaugurated by Sri.N.Ramani, National Vice-President, with a pragmatic address on “Sadhana as a means to connecting with the Inner Sai” . ‘Sa’ “Dhana’ meant ‘Divine Wealth’ and we are blessed with extensive wealth of Sai Teachings and Discourses. He felt that periodical Sadhana was  essential  to recharge ourselves and connect us with our Inner Sai. Saying ‘Prayer is a conversation with God’ he advised all the participants to speak to Swami and seek His guidance on all matters personal and Organisational. ‘HE would surely guide and become part of your life’.
The  Sadhana sessions begain with presentations and inter-action on the ‘9 Point Code of Conduct’. The following speakers effectively presented in concise form the core elements of 9 point code of conduct:
  1. Sri.N.S.Subramanian, JSC (Vedas)            “Daily Meditation and Prayer”
  2. Smt.Padma Arun, SC (Spiritual)              “Devotional singing / Prayer with family members”
  3. Sri.R.A.Kulakarni, DP(Bijapur)                    “Participation in Sai spiritual education/Balvikas”
  4. Sri.Prabhakar Beeraiah  SC (Service)       “Participation in community service”
  5. Sri.D.N Chandrashekar JSC,(Spiritual)     “Regular attendance at Devotional meetings”
  6. Sri.Umamaheswar Rao, Coordinator       “Study of Sai Literacture”
  7. Sri.Rajashekar Reddy,  SC (Youth)            “Use of soft loving speech with everyone”
  8. Sri.Devendrappa, DP (Shimoga)                “Avoidance of talking ill of others especially in their                  
  9. Sri.Sai Chandrashekar DP Blt South         “Principle of Ceiling on Desire”
After lunch, the participants had the blessed opportunity of visiting Bhagawan’s room and offer their silent prayers.
In the after-noon session, the Vahinis of Bhagawan were taken up for presentation and discussion . Considering the wide range and depth of the teachings of Bhagawan in the Vahinis, the presenters took up some core chapters / aspects for their presentation. The loving grace of Swami radiating through their words reached directly to the hearts of the listeners. As Sri.Ramani said, “ I do not know Kannada but I could understand every word spoken as it was a Heart to Heart communication”
The following presentations were made:
  1. Sri.T.A.Sundar, DP (Blr West)                             Dharma Vahini, Prashanti Vahini, Vidya Vahini and Upanishad Vahini.
  2. Sri.Jagannath Nadiger JSC (Educare)             Gita Vahini
  3. Sri.K.R.Dinesh, DP (Ramnagara)                       Ramkatha Rasavahini (upanyasa)
In the evening, Alumni of SSSIHL based in Tamilnadu presented a musical chat programme highlighting their experiences with Bhagawan, that kept the audience spell bound till late in the evening.
DAY 2: In the morning, Aumkaram, Suprabatham, Ashtothram of Bhagawan and Jyoti Meditation was conducted.
The day’s programme saw the continuation of the presentation on the Vahinis.
  1. Sri.Jagannath Nadiger, JSC(Educare)            Bhagavatha Vahini, Sri Sathya Sai Vahini
  2. Sri.Prabhakar Beeraiah, SC (Service)            Prema Vahini, Prashnotra Vahini,
  3. Sri.F.I.Channappa Goudar, SC(Educare)        Dhyana Vahini, Jnana Vahini
Sri. Nagesh Dhakappa announced that (a) A complete set of 15 Vahinis of Bhagawan in Kannada is being got ready  to be offered as a gift pack and will be released shortly and (b) A CD of Sri Sathya Sai Ishta  Siddi Vrita  is also being released.
A photo session was held thereafter  to serve as a memento to all the participants.
A panel discussion on”Transform Self – Transform the World” was conducted in which Sri.Ramani and Sri.Nagesh Dhakappa interacted with the participants. Points raised by the participants relating to the Organisational matters were clarified and guidance provided for effective functioning.
In the afternoon the participants visited some of the important locations in Kodaikanal to which Swami used to send the Students during Summer Course. All the participants attended the evening Bhajan conducted at Sai Shruti by Kodaikanal Samiti members.
In the evening, a quiz programme on Swami’s teachings and interactive programme on Bhajans was conducted by Sri.Sayeesh, SC (IT).
In his concluding remarks, State President impressed upon all the DPs to introspect and review their own achievement with reference to the responsibility given by Swami and set up action plan as suggested ( 5 point plan of action).  They were also advised  to conduct similar Spiritual Sadhana Camps in their respective Districts before November, 2018.
A formal vote of thanks was proposed and Mementoes were presented to the TN sevadal, Caretakers of Sai Shruti on behalf of SSSSO Karnataka.
Throughout, the participants listened to the prsentations with rapt attention and were emotionally moved at the Love and Grace showered on them by Bhagawan. The two day event came to a close with Maha Mangala Aarati.
On 14th morning, the  participants travelled in two buses and few cars, to Madurai to have Darshan of Goddess Meenakshi and then  returned to Bangalore to continue their spiritual journey.
The Youth Wing of Karnataka and Tamilnadu worked tirelessly in attending to all the arrangements / conduct of the two day programme. The sevadal and caretaker team of Sai Shruti attended to every needs of the participants. The Spiritual Wing of Karnataka planned the programme and meticulously conducted it. The presentations were of a high order that elevated the Sadhana programme as a beautiful offering at the Divine Lotus Feet of Baba.
 Here is a summary video of the event put together by the State IT team, Karnataka

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Here are a few snaps taken at the event:

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