As Part of Sai Gayatri Maha Yaga, the thirty sixth  Chanting center was inaugurated with Divine Blessings on 24th July at Muddebihal  Samith, Vijaypura district.

Sai Gayatri was taken in procession with Veda, Kalasa  till chanting centre from Basava statue and was traditionally received by district president sri. Kulkarni, and  all office bearers & devotees. District president inaugurated the centre and addressed the gathering.

During the inaugural talk K.R. Dinesh ( Dist President Ramanagara ) spoke about the significance of chanting, procedure to be adopted for the chanting centers, and he also emphasized that EVERY CHANTING CENTER should become part of the bigger purpose of spreading the Sri Gayatri Maha Yaga and contribute to world peace.

Sankalpa was made with prayer to Sai Ganesha.  About –  60 Chanters chanted SRI SAI GAYATRI Mantra for 60  minutes, Inaugural Counting was 14,600.  The chanting session concluded with prayer to Bhagawan to shower His grace for the success of this ongoing Sai Gayatri Maha yaga.

Devotees decided to chant Sai Gayatri daily at different devotees residence till Maha yaga. 

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