GURU PURNIMA CELEBRATIONS – SSSVJ School Malleswaram 13th Cross, Bangalore

The Government middle school in13th cross Malleshwaram, where the Sathya Sai Vidhya Jyothi program is going on since more than a year now, was approached by the SSSVJ team to conduct Guru Purnima celebrations in the school. The school Headmistress, staff and students were extremely willing to participate and the program was conducted on 10th July 2017. The Balvikas gurus as always joined hands and the program started at 10 am and went on for a couple of hours. The event started with the lighting of lamps, one by the School Authorities and the other by the SSSVJ volunteers.

The children of the school recited ‘Guru Brahma’ and a few other shlokas. A Video, explaining in kannada the meaning and relevance of Guru Purnima in a student’s life was projected, was so well received by the children which inspired a couple of students to come up voluntarily to express their understanding, experience and views on how important their guru were, in molding them and directing them to the right path. It was followed by the students offering their token of love to their gurus (teachers).

Subsequently, one of the teachers gave a extremely emotional speech, narrating her own personal experience during her visit to Swami’s abode (puttaparthi) recently. The other teachers who had accompanied her during the visit were totally in agreement with every word she spoke and said their experiences were equally blissful. Next, the students of the school were distributed  Notebooks, pencils, pens, erasers, sharpeners, sweets, Vibhuthi prasadam & swami’s photos. On request of the teachers, a set of Swami’s photos were distributed to them by one of their colleagues in the school. The wonderful event concluded with offering of Aarathi to Swami.

18th Cross Govt Primary School:

The SSSVJ youth  team then moved to another Govt Primary school in 18th Cross Malleswaram which also is under the SSSVJ Malleshwaram at 18th cross malleshwaram. Here too, the children of the school handed their token of love to their teachers. Then Sweets, swami’s photos, Vibuthi prasadam were distributed and the volunteers dispersed with great satisfaction of a blissful day blessed by our Beloved swami..

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