Balvikas Anniversary Programme at Mangalore

On April 1st, Balvikas children from various center of Mangaluru gathered at Sri Sathya Sai Seva Kshethra, Mangaluru.

The programme was from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

The programme commenced with lighting of the lamp. This was followed by Cultural Programme presented by children from various Balvikas centers. After this, in the formal stage programme prize distribution was done for children who won in various competitions across Balvikas centers. Prize was distributed to all the children who attended the state level balvikas exams of various categories.

A muslim child from rural balvikas center was adopted by Mahila Vibhag to take care of her schooling and higher studies. This is as part of “Give and Forgive” sadhana.

Session on Meditation for School Staff, Canara Dongerekeri School, Mangalore

An experiential session on the science behind meditation was organised for the staff of Canara Dongerekeri school, Mangalore. This was lead by Smt. Surekha Pai assisted with Smt Archana Bhat.

The sessions was conducted at the premises of school on 3rd April, Monday 2017. The program started sharp at 10 AM and concluded at 11 AM including the interactive question and answer session.

To make the session more interactive and participative, the staff of the school (teaching, non teaching and Headmistress) were requested to sit in a circle along with the team. This made the school staff feel one with team.

Smt Surekha Pai made the staff experience and understand the science behind meditation and also explained befits of rhythmic sound vibrations. Smt Archana Bhat assisted in singing few bhajans of different beats.

For this session, 35 staff participated including the Headmistress of the Canara Dongerekeri School.

Having understood and impressed with the benefits of the sessions and activity, the school requested the team to conduct a follow up session after 2 months.

Visit to Old Age Home

Members of Mahila Vibhag with Mahila youths of Mangalore samithi visited Abhaya Ashrama at Kodial Bail Mangalore on 3rd April, Monday 2017 between 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM.

Offering prayers to Bhagawan, Balvikas Student chanted Atharva Shirsham filling the divine vibrations in the atmosphere followed by playing patriotic songs on keyboard, that added musical vibrations. This was for around 15 mins.

This was followed by Bhajans for 30 mins and Arathi to Bhagawan.

Prasadam was distributed to all the inmates of the Ashram at the end.

35 inmates of the Ashram participated in this programme.

20 ladies including 8 mahila youths from Samithi visited the Ashram and volunteered in making necessary arrangements.

Mahila Vibhag of Mangalore Samithi visits the Ashram on first Monday of every month. The members of Mahila Vibhag have been witnessing good response from the Ashram inmates over the time.

Mathru Vandana

By Divine Grace, a most beautiful and touching programme called “Mathru Vandana” was conducted in Sri Sathya Sai Seva Kshethra, Mangaluru on 8th April 2017.

It was dedicated in memory of Mother Ishwaramba, who was blessed to be the “Mathru” (Physical Mother) of our Lord and Swamy, Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

54 Balvikas children offered “Mathru Vandana” to their respective Mother. It was a soul rendering scene. In our shastras, Deva Pooja is performed in 16 steps and this is known as Shodashopachara pooja. This is the Hindu tradition of worshipping God. In Mathru Vandana, the Divine Mother is called upon by the child to reside in the physical mother (Avahana) and pooja is offered to them in the traditional method of “Shodashopachara”. Two Balvikas gurus gave a beautiful commentary on the Divine bond between the mother and the child, the sacrifices the mother does in bearing and bringing up her loving child, which emotionally moved everyone assembled.

The Shodashopacharas are dhyanam, avahanam, asanam, padyam, arghyam, snanam, vasthram, yajnopaveetham, chandanam, pushpam, dhoopam, deepam, naivedyam, thamboolam, neerajam and lastly suvarna pushpam. Followed by pradakshina and namaskara. All these rituals (vidhi) were accompanied by relevant shlokas from ‘vedic’ system of ‘Deva Pooja’. One of the Balvikas Guru presented the shlokas in her melodious voice. Mother and the on lookers were overwhelmed seeing the children offering pooja to their mother by performing all the 16 + 2 rituals with love and reverence.

The children took an oath, promising to look after their parents with love and reverence in their old age. The programme was concluded with a shanthi manthra recital.

Altogether, 170 members attended the programme including Bal Vikas children and Mothers. It was a rare and memorable function.

Offering this programme at the lotus feet of Beloved Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.


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