The 4th  Anniversary of Sri Sai Krupa was celebrated with day long activities at the mandir on Sunday the 19th June 2016 in Bangalore West District.

The day started with reading of Sai Tapovanam by the members of the samithi. All chapters were read in rotation by the devotees.This was followed by a Medical Camp for the near by slum dwellers.

Dedicated doctors and youth sevadal who have been rendering self less seva in Medical camps conducted for 4 years were honoured  in the morning.

The evening programme started with Veda by Balvikas children, Bhajans. Balvikas children had put up a scintillating performance displaying their hidden talents.A student wrote a poem on the honour of Women in the society,a tribute of gratitude to father on father’s day.This was followed by a music rendering by the children.

A detailed report of activities was read by the convener,Sri. Siddalinga Shetty, which was followed by a talk on “Sevaye Sadhana” by Sri. Uday Dharmastala- Editor of Kannada Sanathana Sarathi and concluding remarks by the DP Mr. Sundar. All the Bal vikas children were also given gifts in recognition of their talents.

The programme concluded with Mangalarathi to Bhagwan and distribution of Prasadam. 

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