By the Grace of  Bhagawan,the week long Sapthaha on Dhyana Vahini was conducted successfully at Sri Sai Krupa Seva Kshetra in Bangalore West District .

There was enthusiastic participation from all members- Sevadals, mahila members, and Balvikas children all alike.

There were Omkaram, Jyothi Meditation, Nagarsankirtan everyday in the morning

Followed by  Butter Milk Seva in the afternoon on an average to about 300 people

This was followed in the evening everyday with Veda Chanting, Bhajans as well as Spiritual Talk on the theme:

DHYANA VAHINI by the members of the Samithi itself.

On 15th April the Bal Vikas Children presented a drama based on Dhyana vahini which was well received by all.

The highlight of the valedictory programme was there was an interactive Q & A session on Dhyana , the procedure enunciated by Bhagawan in Dhyana Vahini.

The print outs of the kannada version of Dhyana vahini was distributed freely to most members.

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