The concluding day of the three day programme of the Inauguration of the Cantonment Samithi in Bangalore Central District was very colourful and spiritually uplifting. It was a memorable day as Bhagwana’s three foot size moorthi(idol) was consecrated and installed.

The programmes began at 3am  – the Brahma Muhurtham, with Navarathna Sthapana, Maha Yantra Sthapana, Saligrama Sthapana and most importantly Bhagawan’s moorthi Sthapana followed by several Homas such as Deeksha Homa,Tatva Homa, Kala Homa,Kalaanyasa Homa and rituals like Netronmeelana, Darpana Darshan,Dhenu Darshana,Kushmaanda Bali,Shanthi Poustika and Baliharana.  

At 9:05 am in the auspicious Kalyana Lagna, “Prana Prathishatha” to Bhagawan’s moorthi (idol) was performed with several abhisheka materials like milk,honey, rudraksha seeds, panchamrutam etc.followed by Mahamangalaarthi and Kumbhabhisheka at 9:30am.

Netronmeelana, Darpana Darshana and Dhenu Darshana functions were very systematically done following the rituals prescribed in the texts. A large mirror was placed outside the entrance door facing Swami’s moorthi(idol) and all devotees were strictly instructed to see Bhagawan in the mirror only and not directly and Dhenu Darshana of Swamy was done with the cow seeing Swami first. Once this ritual was completed all devotees were permitted to see Swami directly.

Several guests of honour like Sri.P.C.Mohan, Member of Parliament, Sri.Roshan Baig, Minister for Urban development, Sri.Eshwar B.Khandre, Minister for Municipal Administration and PSE,Sri.Venkataclaiah,Former ChiefJustice of India and current Chancellor, SSSIHL, Prashanthi Nilayam were present.

Sri.R.J.Rathnakar,Trustee,Sri.Sathya Sai Central Trust, Sri.Y.N.Gangadhar Setty, Ex-convener SSST Karnataka, Sri.Nagesh G.Dhakappa, State President of SSSSO Karnataka and Sri.Ramesh B. Sawant ,State President, SSSSO Maharashtra and Goa also graced the occasion.

At noon Ashtavadhana Seva was performed followed by Mahamangalaarthi.

Later Narayana Seva was conducted followed by lunch prasadam for all present.

Evening programmes started with Veda chanting from 4pm to 4:30pm followed by bhajans by Brindavan Bhajan group (Gents) whose bhajans enthralled the devotees for over an hour.

Karnataka Books and Publication Trust had put up a stall for all three days of the function and the devotees could use the opportunity to buy several titles and other sundry items like diaries, Vibhuthi packets etc.

The three day programme concluded with Pallaki Utsavam of “Utsava Moorthy” of Bhagawan.

Devotees who visit Bangalore are requested to make it a point to visit the new premises of the Cantonment Samithi without fail.


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