Cantonment Samithi in Bangalore Central District celebrated the First anniversary of their New Mandir in a grand manner, with a week long non-stop Bhajans for 168 hours from 12th August 6pm to 19th August 6pm. The beautiful decorations to the idols of our beloved Swami, as also to Shirdi Baba and Sai Gayatri Mata created a heavenly atmosphere in the Mandir. Daily poojas, Panchamruta Abhishekam and decorations to  idols was a feast to the eyes for all devotees who thronged in hundreds every day.

Around One Thousand Five Hundred devotees participated over the period of one week. Sai Vinod the District Spiritual Coordinator as well as  in-charge of the Mandir, organized the programme meticulously. Every devotee who entered the Mandir premises not only had tasty breakfast, lunch and dinner but also had the opportunity to witness the abundant grace of Bhagwan through manifestations of large quantities of  Vibhuthi and Turmeric in the room specially built for Swami in the first floor. Every devotee was given small containers filled with  these divine manifestations.

Bhajan singers from Brindvan Bhajan Group as also from all Samithis and Mandalis in and around Bangalore Urban and Rural Districts took turns of three to four hours at a time and ensured continuous singing 24 hours a day. Participation from Sub-Urban Samithis like Bhadravathi, Ajjampura, Bhagepalli, Hindupur, Ramanagaram, Waghata etc was something phenomenal. Bal Vikas Children, Gurus, as well as winners of “Shankara TV  “Bhajan Samart” ” proogramme (who belong to Bangalore West District)  enthralled the devotees with their amazing singing talents.

Every morning there was one Service activity like clothes and food grains distribution, Cleaning of Schools and temples etc which was undertaken by the members of the Cantonment Samithi. Last day Narayana Seva was done. Almost 500 Narayanas enjoyed the tasty food.

Final four hours of the Akhand Bhajan was by Brindavan Bhajan Singers.

Bhagawan showed HIS divine grace on each day of the Akhanda Bhajan.

A memorable one week indeed. The members of Cantonment Samithi showed their commitment,dedication and devotion to Swami by forming teams and worked around the clock to ensure that the week long p rogramme goes on un-interrupted and with out a hitch. A true spirit of team work. Hearty congrats to all of them.

Jai Sai Ram





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