An outreach program was conducted by the Bangalore Central District, on 11 th March 2018. In this initiative, the Alumni of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning and Schools were invited to Indiranagar Samithi (Sai Darshan,) and they were given a description of the activities conducted by SSSSO in Central District, Bangalore and the participation of alumni was solicited in the various activities. Although 36 members committed for the meet only around 20 attended this event which itself is a significant number as this is one of the first steps taken to approach the Alumni and clear any misconceptions they have about the SSSSO and its function.

The meeting started with a Welcome Address by Mr Niranjan Mudbidri, alumnus of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, who welcomed the gathering. Mr Niranjan  explained the importance that Bhagawan Baba laid on seva opportunities. Recollecting various episodes in Bhagawan’s life and moments of Prema Bandham , Mr Niranjan explained that seva to anyone tantamount to service to the Divine immanent in all. Thereafter he invited Mr. Dwarakanadh, District President, Bangalore Central District, to address the gathering.

Mr Dwarakanadh in his address briefly outlined the genesis and the structure of the Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation and it’s various wings and their activities. This was followed by a detailed description of the various types of Spiritual, Service, Educational and Youth activities undertaken by the Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation in Bangalore Central District. Mr Dwaraknadh said that as alumni have received the valuable privilege of direct association, benefits and counsel from Bhagawan Baba Himself in the formative years, the alumni are best placed and also beholden to reciprocate Bhagawan’s Love by wholehearted participation in the activities of SSSSO and thereby take large strides in our journey to Bhagawan. This was followed by an interaction between alumni and Mr Dwarakanadh on specific queries regarding the activities.

Thereafter Mr Rajendra, Joint State Co-ordinator, Youth Wing, spoke briefly to the members. Mr.Rajendra explained the impact that service activities have on society and individuals through his recent experiences in HOPE program in Ballari and exhorted the gathering to take part  in SSSSO activities and thereby serve in Swami’s mission.

Thereafter Mr.BNG Kumar, Convener, Indiranagar Samithi, gave his closing comments and through anecdotal experiences informed the gathering that the opportunity to participate in the Divine Mission is possible only because of Bhagawan’s Grace and this opportunity within the easy reach of alumni must be taken. He read out a portion of the speech given by Bhagwan exactly 19 years back on 11th March 1999 while inaugurating the Sathya Sai Center there . Swami at that time mentioned

“QUOTE” Bharat is a sacred land. Noble souls were born here. Bharat was ruled by Sri Rama Himself. This is the land of the song celestial, the Bhagavad Gita. This is the birthplace of the first composer, Valmiki. This is the birthplace of Veda Vyasa, who classified the Vedas. This is the land traversed by Lord Buddha. This is a land of merit and sacrifice. This is the birthplace of spiritual aspirants, seers and sages. But, the modern man does not have even an iota of sacrifice. “Na Karmana Na Prajaya Dhanena Tyagenaike Amritatva Manashuhu (immortality can be attained only through sacrifice; neither wealth nor progeny nor good deeds can confer it).” So, cultivate the spirit of sacrifice. It is possible only when you develop love within. “UN-QUOTE”

Thereafter the meeting ended with Aarti to Bhagawan.

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