A workshop on 9 point Code of Conduct was organized by Bangalore Central District on 11 th Feb 2018 at Indiranagar Samithi (Sai Darshan) at Bangalore. The programme was attended by about 35 participants. The moderator of this workshop was Mr Kota Siva Kumar, who has done MBA from the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Education in the year 1995. He is a certified Trainer in Leadership and Team Orchestration and has passion for training and development. Mr Kota Siva Kumar has had the fortune of being associated with Sri Satya Sai Organisation in the capacity of being a Study Circle facilitator and also having been the Spiritual Coordinator of Hyderabad district in 2010-11. During this time he designed, coordinated and engaged in “Nava Sutra Jnana Yagna” in all the 27 Samithis of Hyderabad District. A total of about 1700 devotees registered and went through the 9 point code of conduct Sadhana across the geography of Hyderabad. As a culmination of this Sadhana, all 1700 devotees went to Parthi to have Bhagwan’s  Darshan, Sparshan and Sambhashan, in a 3 day retreat in Parthi.

The program commenced with a brief introduction of Mr Kota Siva Kumar to the audience and thereafter the main program started. Mr Siva Kumar explained the context and historical back ground of how the 9 Point Codes of Conduct were formulated and came into being. Thereafter a group activity was conducted wherein all participants were divided into 9 groups randomly and each group was given the one of the 9 points of the code of conduct to deliberate upon and come up with ways to implement the same.

The groups brainstormed and then wrote down all their ideas on implementation of each of the 9 codes of conduct and presented the same to the audience followed by an interaction session. The sessions saw active participation from all present and it helped deepen the understanding on the 9 Codes of Conduct through shared discussions.

The session also had several games/activities that demanded presence of mind, alertness and co-operation amongst all individuals. During the course of these activities Mr Kota Siva Kumar brought to everyone’s attention the underpinning spiritual truths about co-operation amongst individuals, resistance to change when we try to practise new ideals and also methods to control anger. The activities helped break the routine whilst learning the finer nuances pertaining to human behaviour and its practical application whilst trying to assimilate the 9 codes of conduct.

Thereafter Mr Kota Siva Kumar explained the implementation methodology in Hyderabad and urged the participants to design a program tailored to meet the local needs.

The program closed with a vote of thanks to the speaker and culminated finally with Aarti to Bhagawan.

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