Sai Ram,

The Summer Camp for our Balvikas children is not just a fun, there is a place in the camp to nurture their skill and talents. We want them to be CREATIVE ARTISTS, CRITICAL THINKERS AND CONFIDENT leaders.

The Dist South, Bangalore: Balvikas Gurus Organised three days summer camp. The Parents participated with great love and inspired the children.

  • Food Fest
  • Quilling Work Shop
  • Jewellery Making

Every child is born not only with a stomach that has to be catered to, it is also endowed with two hands which can work and produce the food for the stomach. The hands have to be given the strength and skill; they have to learn the lesson of self-reliance. They should never be lazy or slothful. Then, there can be no deficiency in food and no problem of underfeeding.

From:Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

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