Loving Sairam,


By Swamy’s Grace, the Annual Bhajans are taking place since more than a decade in the famous ancient Sri Subramanyeshwara Swamy Temple in Subramanyapura during the Five days Silver Car Festival of the Lord.
This year also members from the units of Bengaluru South District were fortunate to offer the Bhajans on the holy Vasantha Panchami day, February 10th, for one and half hours. Nearly 60 people participated. It was appreciated by Sri Yadalam Madhusudhan Sir, the M D of the Sri Gopalakrishna Cotton Mills and devotees present.

This is a holy place as Swamy had visited the Cotton Mills and residence of Sri Yadalam family here in Subramanyapura way back in the year 1945. (Refer Kannada Sanathana Sarathi Magazine dated December 2015.)

T R Srikanta,
Spiritual Coordinator,

Bengaluru South District.

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