Aum Sri Sai Ram.
A brief report on the youth activities of Bangalore East District on occasion of Bhagawan’s 94th Birthday.

1. Prepared 7000 poories, paneer butter masala, upma and sweet pongal. The activity started around 8pm on 22nd Nov and completed at 6am on 23rd Nov. Prasadam was served to 900 inmates of Hope of Home (a shelter for destitutes). Close 110 devotees inclusive of gents and mahila youths and senior devotees participated in this sacred activity with pure love and self-lessness.

2. Close to 100 Blanket distribution by gents youths on 23rd Nov night.

3. Bhagawan’s birth day celebration in SSSVJ Balvikas center in Valepura on 24th Nov. Activities included – Meditation, Narration of Bhagawan’s child hood days, Bhajan, Cake cutting and prasadam distribution to all Balvikas kids.

With this, 3 days of Birthday celebration with activites to sanctify us are completed.
Jai Sai Ram

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