Loving Sairams,

Samarpan means ‘offering’, ‘total surrender’. This is an initiative by the alumni of Sri Sathya Sai Institutions (Sri Sathya Sai Students) as an offering in their loving gratitude to Swami. For Sai Students, Swami is their parent, guru, friend, philosopher, guide and God. All initiatives organized are with total surrender to Bhagwan, whose divine guidance has helped them achieve several small and big milestones. Hence, ‘total surrender’ to His Will.

The 88th session of SAMARPAN was held on Sunday, 19th August, 2018 at the holy precincts of Brindavan, Bangalore. This evening, we had an opportunity to listen to Sri. Dillip Kumar Choudhury, an Alumnus of SSSIHL, who shared his personal experiences with Bhagawan.

Links to the Video and Photos are given below:

  1. Video on You Tube: https://youtu.be/d5fOC8xSw0I
  2. Photos: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmhbdxRd

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