Brief Report On  20th Year Celebrations of Padmanabhanagara Samiti ( Bengaluru, South )

Our Swami has showered His infinite blessings on our Samiti, for which we are ever so grateful. With His Divine blessings, our Samiti held in His presence, its 20th year celebrations.

To give a brief background about the Samiti, it started as ‘ House Bhajans’, years back, at the residence of Sri.T.R.Srikanta, the present Spiritual Coordinator, ( Bengaluru, South). Recognizing the steady growth in devotees, the family decided to construct ‘ Bhajan Hall’ on the first floor of their residence. Gradually more Sai Activities commenced. This unit was then recognized as a ‘ Samiti’. About two years back, they constructed the second floor, again for use of Sai Activities.

With this background, the Samiti entered into its 20th year recently. The members of the Samiti decided to celebrate this occasion, over a period of four days, highlights are as under:

On Jan.17th 2018, members of ‘ SriPanditPuttarajGawai Trust’, a trust for the visually handicapped, offered Devotional Songs and Bhajans.

On Jan.20th 2018,’ Sri Sai Sathyanarayana Puja’, followed by Bhajans was performed. There was participation from our SVP, Sri.VenkatGosavi sir and DP, Sri. Sai Chandrasekhar sir, along with the members of other Samitis of our District.

On Jan 21st 2018,a ‘ Harikatha ‘programme, ‘ YagnaRakshaka, Rama’ by well knownHarikatha exponent, Smt. PrathimaKodur, a Sai Devotee, was organized. This too was well attended, including members of other Samitis.

On Jan.28th 2018, was the concluding day of the celebrations. This was attended by our SP Sri. Nagesh G. Dhakappa sir, Smt. Dhakappa. Sri. VenkatGosavi sir and Sri Sai Chandrasekhar sir also participated. A brief report on the SpecialActivities  of the Samiti was presented by Sri. R.Krishnamurthy,  SamitiConvenor.


The focus the samiti is giving in nurturing Balvikas children and the encouragement provided by the Parents of BV children was highlighted. The BV children enthusiastically presented variety  programs for an hour, which was highly appreciated by all.

Our SP, Sri. Dhakappa sir, then addressed the gathering. He emphasized  on the need for us to follow Swami’s teachings and put them into practice.He narrated several incidents and experiences to stress on the importance for each one of us to focus upon for our Spiritual Upliftment.

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