Last year on May 6th 2017 in Brindavan, Sai Gayatri Maha Yaga was performed after completing 2,30,00,000 times Sai Gayatri mantra chanting across 19 districts covering 48 chanting centres with sankalpa for universal peace, and also one prayer to Swami to mark this day as “Global Sai Gayatri chanting day”, so that every year first Sunday of May, globally Sai Gayatri Chanting is done. As first step towards that sankalpa.

Ramanagara district celebrated its 1st Anniversary of Sri Sai Gayatri Mahayaga on Sunday 6th May 2018 at Deverahosahalli, Channapatna Tq. ‌In the sacred place of Sri Sanjeevarayaswami, Devarahosally, there witnessed, the first year anniversary of Sri Sai Gayatri mahayagna.
‌This was the same very place where Sri Sai Gayatri Koti mantra japa Yagna 2nd center was inaugurated and speeded the movement.

Rituals started with sankalpa by our District President KR Dinesh along with his wife Roopanjali Dinesh for global prayer and marking first Sunday of May as “Global Sai Gayatri Chanting Day”.
T‌he Vedic rudra mantra chanting echoed and created the vibration all around.
‌Seven people of 6 samities (who as well participated in Maha yaga last year)  of our district sat in the homa to offer the ghee to Agni Deva.
‌It was a great sight to see and feel the Divine Grace all around.
‌The vibrating Poornahuti was completed at 12.45 pm. Rendering of Bhajans added even more fragrence of devotion to our worshiped Lord Bhagavan.

‌After Aarati  sumptuous lunch was served to over 100 people. Few special dishes/ sweets were served as Prasad.


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