Domlur Samithi undertook the following activities for Swami’s 95th birthday:
1. Offered 95 bhajans to Swami. This was conducted online over Zoom platform. Samithi members, youth,  friends and family participated in this.
2. Due to the pandemic situation, we had requested Samithi members to conduct Narayana Seva at the individual/ family level as per the tradition. Each of the Samithi members were requested to offer food to at least 5-10 Narayanas. Almost all of them did that, including the parents of Bal Vikas students.
3. We had distributed blankets to the inmates of an Old Age Home in Bangalore. Photos enclosed.
4. We also distributed Amrutha Kalasam and blankets through Ramakrishna Seva Ashrama, Pavagada for leprosy inflicted persons.


Forever in Sai Service,
Dwarakanadh N.R.
District President,
Bangalore Central District,
Cell: 9844007553.

Loving Sairam!
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Loving Sairam!

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